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It’s that time of the year again, where I  am all alone, sitting somewhere with a cup of coffee and my macbook. Just a year ago, I had done this, somewhat, end of year entry in Seoul. To be exact, at one my favourite spot in Seoul. Wanted to do that again this year, but I had spent the last night at a new found favourite spot up in that Namsan tower with a cup of green tea latte. Urm, yeah if you had read between the gibberish words I had typed, I am in Seoul right now. To be exact, at Incheon Airport, waiting for my flight to go back to the sunny (but currently rainy) Singapore.

HAHA. I don’t know who really reads my space here but for those of you who do, yes, I have been frequently flying to Seoul for the past 2 years or so. Please, don’t ask me why. If you have that one favourite place out of your own country but despite of exploring another place, you just want to go back to that favourite place of yours, would you? I don’t know about you but that’s what I am all about. And please, before the lectures of wasting money and time about going back to the same place, I have heard it over and over again. So just forget about lecturing me about this, alright?

Anyway, one thing strikes off my bucket list. Really all out solo this round. This solo trip was born out of the impulsive spontaneous mind of mine that I just want to book a trip to Seoul in December just when I had came back from Seoul in June. Yes, that impulsive. Do I regret it? No.

I had enjoyed every single moment of my time here. I had the chance to be alone because after all the months of being with people, I need that space to be alone. Yes, I can be alone in Singapore but people will eventually find you and Singapore is kindda small and you will just bump into people, especially when you shared the same favourite place. Getting out of the country was an option for me. I had been wanting to do this for ageeessss. And I glad I did it. And this won’t be the last solo trip.

It’s rejuvenating, really. Exploring by yourself in this cool winter season. And what did I do this round? Basically… nothing. Just relaxing, chilling, walking around, sleeping at home, exploring here and there, café hopping and thinking. Yes, been thinking alone. Been reflecting about my environment and myself. Revisiting my goals and dreams. Been doing that “self” finding moments here in Seoul.

And it’s nice you know, be lost in the crowd where no one knows you and you can just be whoever you want at that moment. And the faces you see, the people you hear talking, everyone has their own stories in that crowd, and you don’t exactly know what they are or who they are. I like being lost in that crowd, because people don’t know me and vice versa. It’s like an escape from being yourself for a while and you let yourself be guided by the crowd to wherever you need to go.

I have about 20 mins before my flight is being called. I really hope to find some time when I am back in Singapore to blog whatever I had felt and thought about during my 2 weeks stay here in Seoul. And I think I am pretty determined to do so before 2014 arrives.

With all the rushing of repacking of my things, Merry Christmas everyone!