Of café and latté


And about 6 months later, I’m back at the same café that I was at on my last night of #winter2012 holidays. It’s summer now, and the weather is just… damn hot. I really like winter, more than I like summer. But I like both seasons, so I guess I’m just fine with anything.

Anyway, things had been good so far but I think it won’t last long before all the pile of work loading, attending a weekly course on top of the weekly lessons that I am currently enrolled. Next major event will be Hari Raya Celebration which means fasting month is just around the corner! I will be a (better) saint and do what I am suppose to do and hopefully this time, there’s a change in me or something, spiritually or rather religiously. Or rather, I want to be a better person that I already am right now (I am good, but I think I have the potential to be better, you know?).


FINALY, attended my graduation ceremony last month. Waited for almost a year just for this day when I had received the paper, I mean the certificate, of my studies in Bachelor of Psychology. It was a huhuhaha thing because hey! this bloody paper cost almost S$60k! And going on stage to take the degree is like woohooo, I’m done with my bachelor studies yo! And the excitement dies a bit, because it was just a piece of paper after all the damn hardwork that was put in. Then again, isn’t this life? Studying, getting your papers (certificates, i mean) and get a job. I may be just whining about how all the hardwork I had put in translate to just a piece of paper but I cannot really express my joy when I had actually received that piece of paper. I mean, I had manage to finish the full course of education a Singaporean child expected to do. Albeit I didn’t do A levels. I had survived  3 years of pre-school education, 6 years of primary school education earning myself a PSLE certificate  4 years of secondary school education where I got my O levels certificate and instead of enrolling to do A levels at a Junior college, I completed a 3 years of education in Polytechnic earning myself a Diploma in Property Development and Facilities Management and then, I just got myself a Bachelor of Psychology degree upon completing my undergraduate studies of 3 1/2 years. That’s like 19 1/2 years of my life spent on studying. I’m 24 this year, mind you. HAHA. This paragraph sounds ridiculously annoying. I had just spent the less 5 minutes typing this out about the number of years I went through studying. THEN again, this is not the end. I’m already targeting 2015 to be the year I will be doing my graduate studies in education or maybe education psychology or just psychology. Who knows?

It’s true you know, when they say learning doesn’t stop. It’s a journey. A journey to find more knowledge and wisdom. Learning won’t stop until you take your last breath.

I’ve been sitting at the cafe since 7pm and I don’t want to go home yet! Am so comfy in this cafe and I have yet to finish the tiramisu! A Twosome Coffee tiramisu is really a cake to die for! I lost my track of thoughts, and I guess it’s time for me to pack up and head back home.

till then,