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2014-01-31-20-10-23_deco2013 adventures in 4 seasons.
Bangkok, Seoul, Beijing, Seoul
(Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)


OMG. I am just so bad at updating the space. Like, I have ten thousands of inspirations since December 25th to log in and typed everything that was running through my head but just didn’t do so just because I am busy. Terrible bad excuse I am telling you first. Busy is just so common nowadays to use as an excuse; whether it’s for personal or social time or whatever. Personally hate to use busy as an excuse but well, sometimes I have to, I guess. The minute I had reached Singapore on December 25th, after the awesome short meet up slash breakfast with Finah (because she’s such an angel and awesome friend of mine who picked me up in the morning [my flight reached Singapore at 6am btw] and we had starbucks for breakfast), I am back to work. Literally, in the forms of emails and planning and catching up my breath with personal and social life, which was not that bad considering that I am okay with being busy and packed schedule because I hate doing nothing except when I am on vacation/holiday. But in the midst of “being busy“, I had missed having my me time.

And so, we bid farewell to 2013 just about a month and 9 days ago. 2014 is a brand new year. 365 days of memories waiting to be created, life choices and decisions to be made, mending broken relationships, letting go of things, people, memories. A brand new year where opportunities are waiting for you to do what you want to do and what you want to achieve.

To be  honest, I am excited. I can’t remember when was the last time I am actually excited for a brand year. But yes, I am excited for 2014. I don’t really know why but I have this feeling a lot of things are going to take place and changes are expected. Both the good and bad, of course. And I think 2014 will be the year of changes. Like lots of changes. And plus, I am going to be in my mid 20s this year (25 years old, in case you can’t count). Like really. Can’t believe time just flew by like that. Fly ~

I haven’t exactly set down the goals I wanted to achieve this year but already have a few that I am determined to achieve it. Some goals in 2013 was put on hold last year and I am bringing the goals in 2013 in the hopes that I can fulfill it by the time the year ends. There are so so many things I want to do in 2014, I don’t know where to start. I had learned so much in 2013, I can’t wait to put some of the things that I have learned into good use.

One thing that I had learned in 2013, I really need that time alone with myself. A break from everything and everyone. That moment when I am really alone, my mind actually clears up and I can think clearly with whatever issues I was facing at that point of time. A bit sad, in a way because only when I am alone, I realised the actual issue(s) that I have in me. And then it’s kind of a little weird, because usually when you are alone, stupid thoughts will attack you and you can’t breathe and then you will be finding people to talk to and all. Yes, I know that feeling. I have that all the time whenever I am facing issues in life. But I realize, being alone means I can be one with myself and somehow I am able to construct whatever I had issues with and seeing them myself. I can’t solve everything alone of course but being one with myself, I am able to understand myself better. Like really better with no influences from other people (which is not really a bad thing, really). It’s lonely but I have been alone since like  forever. So being alone isn’t that bad. Then again, being lonely and being alone are totally different things. So I like being alone (even though I get the lonely feels sometime).

I have so many people to thank to who had/have been there for me in 2013. I don’t think I was able to get through the start of 2013 without the help of these people. My 2013 started really bad and all I want to do is hide and do nothing at all. It got really bad a few months after that. Things only start to pick up at the second half of the year which I am really thankful for. I don’t really remember how I manage to even pull through 2013 but I really glad I did. Plus the deserving trip I had to Seoul in December, it was a nice wrap up to my 2013.

Okay here goes (even though I have no idea who reads my blog anyway but I am just going to post this anyway).

The thank you list (in no particular order)

  1. Jouie, Jasmine, Merilyn. Thank you for being there from the start of us being in PL. I have no idea what I will do without you girls. I get my strength and motivation from you to get through the days in school and to be a better person, a better teacher for my students. Sorry for the annoyance and random nonsense that I always do but that will still be continued in 2014 and I know you girls don’t really mind anyway, I am such a great entertainer (with Jouie)! Cheers to this friendship formed and may we get better and stronger in the year ahead! LOVE YOU GIRLS PLENTY! ^^
  2. Mr. David. For being the most awesome dad a girl could ever have. I think I wouldn’t be here without your ultimate support and motivation and your fabulous upbringing for me. I love how you make me independent by letting me having a space of my own and only to intervene when you feel that I’m doing things out of hand. I sincerely appreciate of the advices that you gave and continue to give and I really love that you have vast general knowledge of anything that I can think of. Thank for you being there for me all these while. I love you daddy! (:
  3. Moses’ Daughter (Amina Maisara). Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a dear friend to me. Thank you for guiding me back to the path that I should be heading and reminding me that it’s okay to question and be curious about my faith. For being there from the start of my career journey and keeping my nonsense secrets from the world. You are one of my treasured friend Amina and I am planning to keep you in my life till Jannah (InsyaAllah) ^^ .
  4. Detective/Partner in Crime (Finah). Despite of our age differences, it was never an issue when you and I sit down and talk. Just talk about you and me, about our differences in life, about the struggles and challenges, about the fun and adventurous things that happen, about the past, the present and the future, about everything under the sun. I had always enjoyed our conversations. And our investigations skills are almost flawless when combined! I am looking forward for more adventures in whatever our life brings us to or what we bring to our life. Love you lil’ girl! 😀
  5. Ng Cai Yu (CY). You are one of my juniors that I still keep in touch with and one of the juniors that I know (and feel) that our bonding together just get better as days passed. There so many things that I have learnt from you. You have no idea how you actually inspired me in some aspect of my life. I am still learning and I am not the best person that you can talk to for advices and such. But I will be here in 2014 and the years after like how I think I have been there for you in 2013 and the years before. I will cheering you on your life journey towards achieving your goals. And hey, if you need anyone to just talk, I am just a phonecall away (: (p/s: and of course, our love for the two boys theogun <3)
  6. Maimunah. Like Finah, our age differences doesn’t mean anything between you and me. Like Cai Yu, you are one of my juniors that I still keep in touch with and one of the few that I am close to. Despite of your nonsensical childish self, you are a wonderful young lady who have yet to discover your calling in life and believe me when I say, you are much more mature than me in some aspect of life. I haven’t been there for you as much as I would like to but I am always here if you need me. And we still have to sit down together to talk and settle what you need to do to take that one step forward towards what you want to do in life. We had an adventure in 2013, looking forward for next. (:
  7. Raihan, Farzanah. The two have no idea how much you girls make a difference in my life. I love the two of you (even though I hardly express my love to the two of you). I always enjoy our time together despite of our numerous failed outings like going to the movie ends up going to eat instead and stuff like that. Although you girls spam the group chat like there’s no tomorrow, I don’t really mind because you guys make the day better with your nonsenses (: I am glad we are still together after leaving DD. Thank you for being there in 2013 and let’s continue to have a blast in 2014 and the years after! ^^  (p/s: Farzanah, 선생님 asked when are we going back for class!)
  8. 영현언니. 보고싶어 ): Thank your for your hospitality during my stay (almost all) in Seoul. In December last year where we spent a lot of time together, I have learned so much from you – from being a young lady, to achieving goals, to become a better person. So many things that you have indirectly taught me everything I am in Seoul. We got closer as time goes on and your random occasional texts always make me smile and miss you more. I can’t wait to see you again 언니! Keep in touch and time will pass till I see you again! 많이 감사합니다! 사랑해!

These are some of the people that I want to thank. Please don’t be mad. There are many other people who have made my 2013 lovely and I am sorry if you are not being mentioned. But really, for those who have made 2013 awesome, thank you so much. I hope 2014 will be a blast for all of us!

SAMSUNG CSCHad adventures with friends, work and self in 2013. Used up most of my leave for friends and personal trip last year. I am not sure how 2014 travels will go about. Definitely lesser than last year I assumed. But definitely going back to the usual place in December, I guess. I don’t really know because I am the kind of person who will just go with the flow. Depending on financial, flight and accommodation availability and of course, spontaneity, I will go wherever I think I will want to go at that moment in time. So surprise me 2014, surprise me. And of course, the plans that had been crafted earlier, I am coming after you.

And of course, in 2014, it’s all about the #gojer attitude or #justgo attitude.

till then,




Say, YAY!!!

Exams ended like two days ago and I can officially say goodbye to SP52 and hello holiday (:
One long semester had ended with four papers and I can only say I am happy that it’s over and pretty much satisfied with my overall performance for the papers. Am not going to think about the results for now and will just enjoy the holidays. 😀

Within that long-short semester, school can never be better with the new-found friends made. They are crazy bunch of people with hmmmm lots of energy in them. When the days were grey where lecture spelt boring and where assignments were the nightmares and that term test and exams killed the brain cells, these friends are the motivator, cheerleaders that goes through the same shit in school with you whether they are happy, sad, depress, angry or mad. Found an awesome group of people that I called FRIENDS!

Ohh. Special thanks to Shu Xian and Vina for the three and four days respectively for the mugging/studying session before papers and breakfast at Macdonalds and then lunch-dinner at Fork&Spoon. The stress plus the hush hush fever and everything else that happened was awesome. Totally love it! And yes, I LOVE YOU TWO 😀

Am currently talking to Chloe on msn and I miss poly life all of sudden. In fact, thinking about it now, I miss everything about SP ): The food, the people, the school – everything mannnnn. 3 years is blardy fast.

F1 race is on now, and I am kind of having a father-daughter bonding with my dad. haha.

Update more soon!
2 days of holidays gone, 28 days more for me to enjoy! A couple of activities are going to take place this week and I AM EXCITED (:

till then,

>the bandclique

>And so, last Saturday, 30th May marks the 2nd gathering of the year with the clique. Rushed down to meet Wendy and Darren at Haig Rd and bought the remaining stuff that’s needed for the bbq. Took train, reached and that’s when all the drama started. We couldn’t find the place. It the BYOP. And the markings were covered with grass. Found the place and Darren stayed behind to take care of the things while me and Wendy walked to E!hub to get other stuff like table cloth and stuff like that for the BBQ. Hui Qi and Mega met us there and we went back.

It was probably the most economical bbq I ever had without a proper pit but with a self made pit. In order words, just a alumnium tray thingy with the grill on top. YUP. So Hui Qi and Darren started the fire and got the bbq going. Talked, chatted, joked, ate and ate, stone, talked, chatted, joked, ate and ate. Shi Chun and Nicholas came later. Meantime, went down to the beach and it was pretty dark and it was pretty cool. Talked to Hui Qi about stuff. Discovered and exchanged thoughts and advices. Screamed the hearts out to the open sea. Watched the planes flew in the dark sky. The feeling was just awesome.

Went back to the place and had a mini celebration of my belated birthday and Shi Chun’s advance birthday. Thanks Nicholas for buying the chocolate-ty cake (: Packed and stuff and Nicholas sent us back to Darren’s place. His car fitted us all and I was having the most comfortable area and no, I wasn’t sitting in front. (: Reached his place, took group photos. Bathe, watched Handsome Suit and slept. Went home in the morning and that’s it. And oh.. Had to cab home, because I was tired and the Winnie the Pooh they bought for me was big and heavy.

The people, the people. (:

We started with quite a number and somehow, this is what left of us.
There are some missing people, though.

The people who had officially graduated from Singapore Polytechnic.
Nicholas, Shi Chun, Darren
ME, Wendy, Hui Qi

Apart from the classmates, these are the few other people that made the 3 years in SP complete. SP band is another place where I had found the best of friends and friendship, that I hope could last as long as it possibly could.
A little shoutout:

I met Hui Qi who had unlimited sense of humour and the other side of her – the caring and the sensible. Although she stopped halfway in band, being in the same school beats all odds. We bumped into each other once awhile, talked online and random sms. And I guess that’s what keeps the friendship going. I love her, really much 😀
And then, there’s Wendy. We shared the same the enemy, we talked, we went out, we had the usual thing that girls do best – shopping. I don’t exactly remember how we got close, but I’m glad we did. She’s like a mother to me too (:
Mega is like the most blur person among us, and I guess it’s pretty much her. Urm, I don’t know what to else to say =X Just study hard, and graduate soon? 1 1/2 year more to go!
ShiChun can be known as the lamest guy in the whole with his superduper lame replies.
Of course, there’s Darren and Nicholas. The duos that will make you super irritated until you can die and then make you feel super guilty like as if it’s the worst thing you ever did but yet, they can lighten up your day.
Yet again, thank you aren’t enough to express my gratitude for these friendship that had been created. Thank you for the awesome memories, for the awesome friendship.
Everyone will be busy with the personal life – working, schooling, NS-ing.
Till we have the 3rd gathering of the year, somewhere in September. In the meantime, take care people (:
Cheers to the friendship!

till then,


>*click to enlarge photos.
photos taken last Friday, 1st August 2008 at Starbucks Novena

Happy 080808 to us! cheers to the first year of friendship in this crazy clique! Despite the fact that we have known each other like 7 years already and that we are still in contact with each other after 3 years of graduation. (: Hope the four of us stay uniquely crazy giler bunch of people we have been for the past one year to the future and that the gilerness will never die (:


till then,

>the last week of school, unofficial

>Before i rant and rant about the pictures taken last week, i would like to thank the people who have contributed like 27 missed call for me this morning excluding the missed call they gave to the house as well. These people are Raudhah, Tiffany, Raihan, Maimunah, Pauline, Susu and Nina. Also, thank you to Nina and Pauline for actually coming over to my house and knock on the door to really ensure that i was awake and such and not miss the bus for the rehearsal at SCH. (: thanks love (:

So last week was like the last official week of school before the term test begin next week, and exams the weeks after next. I have like 7 papers inclusive of GEMS test. ): What a bother. Time flies so fast and i really miss my class and buddy class, dpfm 23 & 24. Any o how, i got like hundreds of picture of them in class and such and the pictures posted are just the selected few that i choose to rant about.

I have yet to upload them at multiply. Will do so, soon. (:
Pictures taken between 7th January to 9th January 2008.

Apparently, we had somehow a lot of free time during the break and decided to camwhore at REFRESH@Moberly.
The date was 080108.

seriously, a random shot of us which i find it pretty amusing and such.
at the shower room at moberly.

And Adilla or Di as i call her,
I’m going to miss mugging with her ):
although we can mug together next year, still, we won’t mugging the same thing. GAAH.
luckily she live just near me because i can still her like yeah! haha.

without her, going to class is so boring.
she’s the one that partly created the havoc (:
she’s the one i’m going miss the most i guess because all the crappyness and the talks and everything else, it’s started with her. haha. she’s one hell of a great friend.
and you can tell, we take picture in class like no one business.

I just find this picture damn cute. (:
Alywn Francis something Yap is the Mr Photogrpaher in our class and he hates taking picture and trust me, it’s very hard to take his picture. really.
Joyc Tan Soo Hwee! (:
She’s one of the people that i’m going to miss dearly because she’s one of my favourite person to tease and such. A pity i only get to know and get close to her when year 2 is like ending la ): But heck, lucky we get to know each other and get crazy together and of course, she love me very much (:
seems to be a special date and i really like it. a lot. (:
the candid and such.
pictures taken credits to Darsh (:

another camwhoring session.
they are part of the reasons that after school rocks. (:
Another picture that i love!
Sue, Darsh, Di, me (:
another random shot i like (:
Last but not least,
the emo picture of it all.

Term test is just next week, exams is just after next.
i hope i can pull through all these papers and such.
and i think i’m going to miss some alumni night practice and syo because i’m having papers the next morning.
till then,
“maybe” leads the confusion in us.

>it’s like whatever!

>Swimming was great! 😀
Enjoyed myself with Jovin and Nina there! haha. Swimming with Jovin is like the best thing ever because she really force you to swim and not slack on one side and make you swim like there’s no tomorrow. But overall, it was great! Jovin is a great motivator! 😀 haha

to you,
you were talking about friends here and there. and guess what? both of us are the ordinarty ones like the one you said. we are the “HI-BYE” friends. it’s stupid because you said others are stupid to lose friends just like that but hello? we are losing each other, thank you very much. if you don’t notice, that i don’t know what else to say because i’m tired of being the one who have to take the first step to everything. it’s so sick because you won’t reply my sms or answer my call. so might as well we just talk only when we are facing each other. is that what you want to? let’s fulfill your wish and everything will be just fine. just like the way you want it. so HI friend and BYE friend!

Goshh. I think i’m going to be sick again! grrr…….

Nothing much to update.

till then,
toodles 😀

ps: i love you too!

>these people are love (:

>Before anything else,

Ask me why, personally please!
I won’t say it here!

It’s been awhile since i last did a shout out to people who i want to thank and stuff.This entry will be a dedication to these people! 😀

Ms Darshni
Thanks for being there in the wee morning to till wee night when i or you need to complaint about mugging for respective modules and CCA. Enjoyed truly your accompany throughout school and outside school time. I’LL MISS YOU during this shitty ten weeks of holiday but we are going for FOC!!. AND AND we better have more outing where we can camwhore and become crazy like we always are. YOU BETTER CALL ME TO ASK ME OUT. dog (:

Ms Adilla
Thanks for co-incidentally living near me and in the SAME neighbourhood! I’m glad you are so freaking near me because i get to see you if i want to! AND that we are able to go to school together and freak out together and go somewhere together. It’s so together-gether kind of thing! And i’m loving it! I’m so looking forward to work with you (if we get the same freaking job) and i’m looking forward to the outing with Nad and i’m looking forward to the Freshmen Orientation Camp where we will overnight in school!

Mr Darren Siah
BOO! Don’t emo emo emo emo!! EMO KING!!! 😀 Nothing much to say but thanks for being a friend. Thanks a lot! (: AND SORRY for things that i said/done (no charges please!) HAHA 😀 I’m a nice girl and i’m way cuter than you. Please don’t deny that fact okay? I know that truth hurts but it’s okay, you will recover. And ohhh.. thanks for the calls too! 😀 Go ECP?? But you don’t emo too much okay? 😀 and and and.. ORGANISE OUTING AH!

Mr Ong Shi Chun
SISTER! Thanks for the funny moments and many many zillions ways of trying to relax the “tension” in the nerves. Like Darren, thanks for being a friend (& a sister) and thanks many for everything. Thanks for saying HI! to me online and stuff! HAHA. Because it cheers me up (: Let’s go ECP again? 😀 Shall we?

Ms Su’aidah
I’m glad our frienship is still here and going on for the 6th year?! That’s good eh. HAHA. You know i can’t live without out and you know you are the only freaking human who can read me like a book. That’s why i told you, you have freaky mind! 😀 Don’t screw me because your name is here. It’s already good enough that i didn’t write your full name here 😀 HAHA. AND my mum told me to remind you that you have to STUDY hard plus smart for your A Levelss. Only then, you get go on and achieve your dream of being a TEACHER (:

Ms Siti Nurarnina
I really can’t remember how your name goes about with your dad’s name as you know, i’m a confused idiot. HAHA. Getting out of MI ah? HAHA. I WANT TO SEE YOU IN YOUR FUTURE NURSE UNIFORM! 😀 And you are like beside me and all and i’m typing this thing out. haha. All the many many best for the DAE thing, and i will prayed for you to get in the desired course and i am really wishing you the very best when/if you get the course. BECAUSE you are going be a great nurse (:

Mr Khairul Anwar Bin Othman
Actually ah.. there’s nothing to talk about ah.. but since he REQUESTED, why not? I would like to thank you for being a BIG FAN of my blog and reading it almost every other day and keep the tagging coming in so that i know you are still breathing 😀 HAHA…. and and .. don’t be late for Sat’s practice with the sec 1s ah! And good luck for the DAE to TP !

Ms Pauline Tan Wei Jia
I enjoyed truly your calls plus accompanient 😀 The gossips, complaints, laughters, sadness, anger, etc etc etc … 😀 i like! less than 3 many many many 😀 Study hard for your Os and STOP WORKING and get your butt moving to mug more and even more! I will be here for you to nag and stuff .. less than 3!

And there are many many other wonderful people who have helped, advised and in many other ways. These people include Mr Koh, Ong, YUNURHAIZA, Saraniya, Conan, Mr Lim, Ms Loh, Joan, Ubai, Benjamin, Cleon, Jin Kun and many many others. THANKS A MILLON! (: and sorry for not mentioning in details.

And again,

till then.
toodles (: