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2014-01-31-20-10-23_deco2013 adventures in 4 seasons.
Bangkok, Seoul, Beijing, Seoul
(Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)


OMG. I am just so bad at updating the space. Like, I have ten thousands of inspirations since December 25th to log in and typed everything that was running through my head but just didn’t do so just because I am busy. Terrible bad excuse I am telling you first. Busy is just so common nowadays to use as an excuse; whether it’s for personal or social time or whatever. Personally hate to use busy as an excuse but well, sometimes I have to, I guess. The minute I had reached Singapore on December 25th, after the awesome short meet up slash breakfast with Finah (because she’s such an angel and awesome friend of mine who picked me up in the morning [my flight reached Singapore at 6am btw] and we had starbucks for breakfast), I am back to work. Literally, in the forms of emails and planning and catching up my breath with personal and social life, which was not that bad considering that I am okay with being busy and packed schedule because I hate doing nothing except when I am on vacation/holiday. But in the midst of “being busy“, I had missed having my me time.

And so, we bid farewell to 2013 just about a month and 9 days ago. 2014 is a brand new year. 365 days of memories waiting to be created, life choices and decisions to be made, mending broken relationships, letting go of things, people, memories. A brand new year where opportunities are waiting for you to do what you want to do and what you want to achieve.

To be  honest, I am excited. I can’t remember when was the last time I am actually excited for a brand year. But yes, I am excited for 2014. I don’t really know why but I have this feeling a lot of things are going to take place and changes are expected. Both the good and bad, of course. And I think 2014 will be the year of changes. Like lots of changes. And plus, I am going to be in my mid 20s this year (25 years old, in case you can’t count). Like really. Can’t believe time just flew by like that. Fly ~

I haven’t exactly set down the goals I wanted to achieve this year but already have a few that I am determined to achieve it. Some goals in 2013 was put on hold last year and I am bringing the goals in 2013 in the hopes that I can fulfill it by the time the year ends. There are so so many things I want to do in 2014, I don’t know where to start. I had learned so much in 2013, I can’t wait to put some of the things that I have learned into good use.

One thing that I had learned in 2013, I really need that time alone with myself. A break from everything and everyone. That moment when I am really alone, my mind actually clears up and I can think clearly with whatever issues I was facing at that point of time. A bit sad, in a way because only when I am alone, I realised the actual issue(s) that I have in me. And then it’s kind of a little weird, because usually when you are alone, stupid thoughts will attack you and you can’t breathe and then you will be finding people to talk to and all. Yes, I know that feeling. I have that all the time whenever I am facing issues in life. But I realize, being alone means I can be one with myself and somehow I am able to construct whatever I had issues with and seeing them myself. I can’t solve everything alone of course but being one with myself, I am able to understand myself better. Like really better with no influences from other people (which is not really a bad thing, really). It’s lonely but I have been alone since like  forever. So being alone isn’t that bad. Then again, being lonely and being alone are totally different things. So I like being alone (even though I get the lonely feels sometime).

I have so many people to thank to who had/have been there for me in 2013. I don’t think I was able to get through the start of 2013 without the help of these people. My 2013 started really bad and all I want to do is hide and do nothing at all. It got really bad a few months after that. Things only start to pick up at the second half of the year which I am really thankful for. I don’t really remember how I manage to even pull through 2013 but I really glad I did. Plus the deserving trip I had to Seoul in December, it was a nice wrap up to my 2013.

Okay here goes (even though I have no idea who reads my blog anyway but I am just going to post this anyway).

The thank you list (in no particular order)

  1. Jouie, Jasmine, Merilyn. Thank you for being there from the start of us being in PL. I have no idea what I will do without you girls. I get my strength and motivation from you to get through the days in school and to be a better person, a better teacher for my students. Sorry for the annoyance and random nonsense that I always do but that will still be continued in 2014 and I know you girls don’t really mind anyway, I am such a great entertainer (with Jouie)! Cheers to this friendship formed and may we get better and stronger in the year ahead! LOVE YOU GIRLS PLENTY! ^^
  2. Mr. David. For being the most awesome dad a girl could ever have. I think I wouldn’t be here without your ultimate support and motivation and your fabulous upbringing for me. I love how you make me independent by letting me having a space of my own and only to intervene when you feel that I’m doing things out of hand. I sincerely appreciate of the advices that you gave and continue to give and I really love that you have vast general knowledge of anything that I can think of. Thank for you being there for me all these while. I love you daddy! (:
  3. Moses’ Daughter (Amina Maisara). Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a dear friend to me. Thank you for guiding me back to the path that I should be heading and reminding me that it’s okay to question and be curious about my faith. For being there from the start of my career journey and keeping my nonsense secrets from the world. You are one of my treasured friend Amina and I am planning to keep you in my life till Jannah (InsyaAllah) ^^ .
  4. Detective/Partner in Crime (Finah). Despite of our age differences, it was never an issue when you and I sit down and talk. Just talk about you and me, about our differences in life, about the struggles and challenges, about the fun and adventurous things that happen, about the past, the present and the future, about everything under the sun. I had always enjoyed our conversations. And our investigations skills are almost flawless when combined! I am looking forward for more adventures in whatever our life brings us to or what we bring to our life. Love you lil’ girl! 😀
  5. Ng Cai Yu (CY). You are one of my juniors that I still keep in touch with and one of the juniors that I know (and feel) that our bonding together just get better as days passed. There so many things that I have learnt from you. You have no idea how you actually inspired me in some aspect of my life. I am still learning and I am not the best person that you can talk to for advices and such. But I will be here in 2014 and the years after like how I think I have been there for you in 2013 and the years before. I will cheering you on your life journey towards achieving your goals. And hey, if you need anyone to just talk, I am just a phonecall away (: (p/s: and of course, our love for the two boys theogun <3)
  6. Maimunah. Like Finah, our age differences doesn’t mean anything between you and me. Like Cai Yu, you are one of my juniors that I still keep in touch with and one of the few that I am close to. Despite of your nonsensical childish self, you are a wonderful young lady who have yet to discover your calling in life and believe me when I say, you are much more mature than me in some aspect of life. I haven’t been there for you as much as I would like to but I am always here if you need me. And we still have to sit down together to talk and settle what you need to do to take that one step forward towards what you want to do in life. We had an adventure in 2013, looking forward for next. (:
  7. Raihan, Farzanah. The two have no idea how much you girls make a difference in my life. I love the two of you (even though I hardly express my love to the two of you). I always enjoy our time together despite of our numerous failed outings like going to the movie ends up going to eat instead and stuff like that. Although you girls spam the group chat like there’s no tomorrow, I don’t really mind because you guys make the day better with your nonsenses (: I am glad we are still together after leaving DD. Thank you for being there in 2013 and let’s continue to have a blast in 2014 and the years after! ^^  (p/s: Farzanah, 선생님 asked when are we going back for class!)
  8. 영현언니. 보고싶어 ): Thank your for your hospitality during my stay (almost all) in Seoul. In December last year where we spent a lot of time together, I have learned so much from you – from being a young lady, to achieving goals, to become a better person. So many things that you have indirectly taught me everything I am in Seoul. We got closer as time goes on and your random occasional texts always make me smile and miss you more. I can’t wait to see you again 언니! Keep in touch and time will pass till I see you again! 많이 감사합니다! 사랑해!

These are some of the people that I want to thank. Please don’t be mad. There are many other people who have made my 2013 lovely and I am sorry if you are not being mentioned. But really, for those who have made 2013 awesome, thank you so much. I hope 2014 will be a blast for all of us!

SAMSUNG CSCHad adventures with friends, work and self in 2013. Used up most of my leave for friends and personal trip last year. I am not sure how 2014 travels will go about. Definitely lesser than last year I assumed. But definitely going back to the usual place in December, I guess. I don’t really know because I am the kind of person who will just go with the flow. Depending on financial, flight and accommodation availability and of course, spontaneity, I will go wherever I think I will want to go at that moment in time. So surprise me 2014, surprise me. And of course, the plans that had been crafted earlier, I am coming after you.

And of course, in 2014, it’s all about the #gojer attitude or #justgo attitude.

till then,


My life, as it is

some things don’t last forever, but some things do. Like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest time, pressing down on the corners and peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there

It’s the last week of July 2011 and I am sitting here, in my room thinking what have I done for the past few months of 2011. There’s nothing that I have regret doing so, other than probably regretting quitting my job but it’s for a good cause and in the long run. I have sorted out the personal affairs with my parents regarding my needs and the family needs and whatsnot. I have awesome friends with me that I can never be more thankful for. I have cleared my level 1 to 3 modules for my course and have already began the journey of my final year in my course. All this is done and although it seems that I have done so much, it feels so little. Maybe it’s because I did the things I need to do but there’s no accomplishment behind it. You get what I mean? Like I do these things because I am expected/supposed to do NOT because I want to do. I guess, the meaning behind this “accomplishment”, to me personally, means something that I had achieved amidst the things I am/was doing. That being said, I feel empty despite of all the heavy workloads/schedules I had for the past months because I felt I had accomplish nothing.

The past two weeks have been good.

I had an awesome meet up gathering with my fellow secondary school section mates. We had steamboat for dinner at Caiyu’s place. These people, they never failed to amuse me. Despite of graduating from secondary school about 6 years ago, I am glad that these group of people that I am in touch with are still the same people I have known then. The juniors, well, they are my kids. I can’t help but to ask them every time we meet how’s their life going and whatsnot. They are growing up well, except for Maimunah. She needs to work on using less vulgarities and be less angst. But it’s okay, she’s still young and learning. And awww Tiffany, we are missing you! Come back soon please!

That night after steamboat, I made a new friend. Well, more like stranger turned friend. It’s purely coincidental because she was lost and unsure where’s her block is. Mind you, she’s only been in Singapore for 5 days. So apparently, she dropped at the wrong stop and her stop is actually after mine. And cut story short, I helped her find her way home. During the walked to her place (because there are no more buses and it was nearly 1am!) we talked and all. A very nice lady to meet and exchanged number after that. Been texting each other for awhile and probably going to meet up for lunch or something. I like the feeling of making new friends. (:

Just last Thursday, I had a really short 2 days 1 night trip to Batam with Nina, Syaa and Aminoor. It’s really a short trip but it was awesome and refreshing. And I never had some much food in my life for 2 days straight before! The minute we met, we have been munching non stop. Ah, the feel of being a millionaire for the trip. And the food is really cheap and my tummy have no rights to complaint because I have been filling it with awesome good food. The sunset was breath taking, especially in the evening when we were on the way back to Singapore. Breath taking scenery makes people like me and Nina happy. Had bowling games as well and my skills have totally turn rusty. Massage for a good one hour was nice. My body felt goooooood. Heheh. And I went for swim after so long of not doing so. I miss being in the water and I probably should start swimming again, soon. I wonder why I stop doing so anyway.  And I totally survived S$50 for the trip, with some spare of Rupiahs too. A really well deserved short budget trip 😀

To conclude the best time of the past two weeks is with the boys’ BBQ burger held at Pasir Ris Park on Sunday. I have to say, hands down, on their preparation of food provided during the barbeque. The highlight of the whole thing is definitely Ong’s beef patty speciality. And he made it from scratch! I was expecting some ready made patty of some sort but no, he actually made it from the start! Not only the beef patty, but the coleslaw was delicious and Fairuz’s bake potato with cheese and coleslaw was mouth watering. Nina’s mum stingray too. It’s OMG, delicious food heaven for the night. Didn’t regret not coming at all. And this was something not to be missed. Having the boys to organize an outing and on top of that, preparing of food? It’s once in a blue moon kind of thing. If you miss it, you got to have for awhile to have such things from them again. Apart from the food, being with the friends you are comfortable with and juniors who came by, simply the best of things you can wish for in the middle of hectic life schedule.

The downside of my life currently is the final year I am doing in my course. The only thing that is actually motivating me to finish up this level is the plans that I am planning after this. But that can only get me going to some point. I am actually fighting this procrastination side of myself that it’s pretty much amusing to how I always give in to my procrastination side. It’s only the beginning of 4th year but I am pretty much feeling the pressure of the workloads that need to be done in this final lap of my course. I have the right to complain my unhappiness and whatsnot but what can I benefit from doing all this complaining? I still have to move the fuck on and continue to do what a student suppose. After all, this is the final lap in completing my course and I should, by right, give my all to this. Distraction is always there and once awhile, I give in to distraction. But too much, I am left behind. Right now, I am greatly distracted with no motivation to do what i am suppose to do. On top of this course, I have another classes to attend weekly and that too, takes my time. And that’s the main reason why I quitted my job, for those who truly don’t understand enough why. I just hope that I can survive this final lap of school with minimum damage done to my psychological well-being as well as health. I’m gaining and losing weight almost all the time. It makes no sense at all.

Then again, since when I make the most sense of my life? Tsk.

till then,

>Malaysia Trip 2009


The initial plan for graduation trip with the bandmates was to go to Hong Kong but there will only be like 3 people who will be able to make it. Therefore, to accommodate most of us, we decided to just head over to the neighbouring country, Malaysia to find some fun time under the sun. We started planning in about January and the confirmation and stuff was like in February. After the discussions and stuff like that, the hotel and coach were booked and the people who were able to go are Me, Nicholas, Darren, Mega, Wendy and Jin Kun.

And so, after much anticipation for weeks, 19th March 2009 finally came and off the 6 of us went to Malaysia, truly Asia.

Click the pictures for larger viewing. Otherwise, check out the facebook.
Photos might be a little low in quality because i coped from facebook!

Day 1 – Singapore, Kuala Lumpur

As you read previously, I didn’t sleep and left the house about 645am and called up Darren who apparently was still asleep!!! Made me wait like for 10mins before flagging a cab down to his house to pick him up and made our journey to Lavender Mrt Station to meet up with Wendy (who took train from Boon Lay to Lavender), Jin Kun and Mega (both took cab). Walked to Golden Mile where we will be taking the coach down to KL. Nicholas met up with us there shortly after we had reached. Wendy and I roamed around the area in the search of magazine. Waited at the waiting room and in the meantime, wrote the white card and stuff. I was super shagged and couldn’t wait to sleeeeeep. The time finally came for us to board the coach.

We took Transtar Solitaire and the seats were 2 by 1. So .. Darren and Jin Kun sat on the individual seats while Mega and Wendy sat side by side and same goes to me and Nich. The entertainment on the bus started after we passed the Malaysian custom and I found channel that showed Enchanted. Halfway through the movie, I can’t help it but to sleep for say, one hour? I don’t know how long i dozed off but was woken up by I can’t remember what. Stopped for a quick 10mins toilet break and continued the journey to KL. Didn’t sleep much. Was watching a Malay Movie, Cinta Kolestrol. Nicholas the babi was like the only one who didn’t sleep throughout the journey and entertained himself with Darren’s DS playing the Pokemon which by the way, the DS died when we were about to reach the bus terminal.

I can’t exactly remember what time we reached the bus terminal. Was told to wait at the waiting room for the van/bus to transfer us from the bus terminal to our hotel. The wait wasn’t particularly long and the ride was about 10mins? Reached Radius International Hotel, located at Bukit Bintang. Was pretty much excited and by the fact that I have sudden rush of Sec 3 Geography Trip memories in the mind at this very hotel. Set aside some random emo memories and we went up to our room. Well, the girls’ room to be precise because the 2nd room was not ready. Our Room no: 1401.

Meet Mr Darren Siah Zheng Kang who contributed like 90% in planning of the whole trip (: where he mostly in charge of the admin stuff of the coach and hotel matters. *claps*

What else can we do in the room while waiting for the next room to be done? Camwhore 😀

Me and my Er-jie, Wendy Ng (:

Group picture where the 6 of us squeeze on the King size bed (:

More pictures can be found in Facebook, just find my account that links up to Darren’s photo albums. Anyway, we got sick and tired of waiting and decided to get some food for our empty stomach. Walked out of the hotel and walked around. The hotel that we stayed is very near food stalls plus that it’s near Sungei Wang, BB plaza, Lot 10, the area where shopping centres in KL are located. The guys decided to have KFC meal for the lunch/brunch while the girls had Chicken Rice at the usual shop where I have been to before with Adilla during the DPFM trip. And the quality and quantity is still the same as I last remembered. Stopped by 711 opposite the hotel to get drinks and got myself a slurpee for only $1.80RM! 😀 Ate and waited and finally the guys’ room was ready and they went to put their stuff before meeting the girls again.

First stop in KL was to visit the Petronas Twin Towers at KLCC. And we went!

Decided not to walk but to take public transport. Took the Monorail from Bukit Bintang station to Bukit Nanas before changing another train from Dang Wangi station to KLCC station. The journey there was fun! Had my many first(s) in this trip. The first of the many firsts was to take the train! Bought our tickets and felt excited! haha. The tickets were like the old Singapore Farecard thing. The trains were jammed packed with people and it’s probably due to peak hours. And and Malaysians actually queued to enter the train! My my, I wonder whether Singaporeans are able to queue. And what else can we do while waiting for the train? Camwhore 😀

No, I wasn’t sitting down when this picture was taken. I was perfectly standing at my normal height of 155cm tall. Just that it was taken by Mr Nicholas Yam Jun Wei who obviously is pretty tall and had to raise the camera in his hand to a higher height. Thus, the outcome of the picture showing how short I am. HPMH.

We reached KLCC and went to the counter for information on the entrance to the twin towers. Luck wasn’t on our side as the tickets for the day have been given out fully. And since we were already there, we made use of our stay. Walked around to shop or to find stuff to shop and had our dinner. Two times we took the lifts, someone was left behind, the first time was that Nicholas somehow didn’t managed to enter the lift and the second was that Darren had to go out because the lift reached its maximum weight load. Funny, really funny. hahaha.

Taking a break in between walking, Wendy and Mega wanted to get some drinks. Headed to the foodcourt after we checked out the movies available in Malaysia. Nothing nice to watch at all. Was damn disappointed that Coming Soon weren’t showing there yet ):

Meet Mr Nicholas Yam Jun Wei who is pretty much an ass.

While slacking and waiting for Wendy and Mega to finish up their drinks, I couldn’t help but to take pictures. It’s like a Fidah thing (: Went to Mark and Spencers and the price there is darn cheap! Cheaper than the outlet in Singapore!!! I feel cheated for spending so much at MS Singapore. But .. I didn’t get anything there though because there’s nothing nice to get despite of the dirt cheap price! We, then, separated into two groups, guys one group and girls another. Guys headed to look at games while the girls went to look for shoes.

Dinner at A&W

We meet up again at A&W for dinner about 30mins later or so. Was feeling sick at that point of time probably to a seriously lacked of sleep ): They ate, we drank, talked, slacked and decided to get out of KLCC.

But of course, we didn’t leave just like that. We took advantage of the night and took group/individual pictures with the famous twin towers in the heart of Malaysia.

Presenting to you, the Petronas Twin Towers, at night.

And no, I think my photography skills still sucks. I practically lie down on the floor or something to captured this and tried my very best to not to move an inch in case it causes disruptive moments to the picture. It’s actually breath taking to see this. It’s like surrounding of these towers are mildly dark and they just stood out, strong and bright.

Fidah, Mega, Wendy, Nicholas, Darren, Jin Kun
Random group picture with an attempt to have at least the background of the towers which obviously is not obvious because our heads were too big, they blocked the towers.

Group photo!
and the background is not fake! it’s all the doings of Darren’s camera!

Random individual shot of us with the towers (:

After resting for a moment, and dazed, we decided to head by to the hotel. Feeling a little adventurous and felt like walking, we walked from KLCC to Radius International Hotel. Asked for direction before leaving KLCC but pretty much depended on the maps we had with us. Credits to Nicholas and Wendy for leading the way back! (: Reached the hotel and went to our respective rooms. Bathe and shortly after, the guys came over to the girls’ room.
Random shot!
From top left: Me&Darren, Darren&Wendy, Me&Nich, Darren&Mega

the picture says it all! group picture! 😀
jinkun, wendy, darren
mega, nicholas, fidah

The process of our dearest Nicholas turning into a girl. 😉

After much talking, laughing, crapping, slacking, we decided to turn in and rest for the night. The guys left and the girls had wash up and stuff like that and hello to lala land!

Day 2 – Kuala Lumper to Sunway Lagoon

Set the alarm to wake the room up at 7am which obviously failed miserably on me. Mega woke up and bathe first, followed by Wendy. They nagged and nagged at me to wake up and finally use the ultimate force of drawing the curtain, letting in huge amount of sunlight to wake me up. I finally gave in and got ready and stuff like that. Called up the guys and went down for breakfast. The first breakfast for the whole trip. The variety wasn’t much. Just the usual omelette, some sausages, chicken ham, that sort of breakfast kind of food. Was practically stoning because firstly, it’s like freaking 8am! and I was lacking of sleep. duhhh. Sleep is one of the most important and must do things in my life. haha. Anyway, after stonning and eating , head back to our room to pack up the stuff we needed for the Sunway Lagoon. Slept a little more till the boys came to our room to pick us up. And so, the journey began!

Mega, Fidah, Wendy
at Bukit Bintang Station waiting for the train/monorail, whatever they call that moving thing.

We took the train down to KL Sentral station where we had to walk for quite a distance to reach the KL Sentral station for a transfer of train. Bought our tickets and went down to the berth 5 to wait for the arrival of train. Much to our dismay/surprise and sleepy heads, the train was delayed to an hour due to unforeseen circumstances. Waited for like 15mins and Wendy and I decided to find alternatives to Sunway Lagoon. We did, however, except that we had to walk out of the KL Sentral to find a bus stop and find the bus that will bring us there which will take us about an hour more. Decided to just wait for the train and went back to the berth. Shortly, when we were going to the toilet, Nich called and told us we just missed the train -_-” . . .

Took picture upon reaching and waited and waited and waited

The train arrived shortly after and we board!

And what’s a camera without taking picture of us? 😀

It was about 4 to 5 stations (I can’t remember how many exactly) and the journey was about 15 to 20mins? Was busy playing Darren’s DS that I didn’t take any notice of the time. Reached and guess what? We had to WALK to Sunway Lagoon. No complaints EXCEPT for the fact that the weather was ULTIMATELY HOT! Some of us even applied sun block lotion while walking there. After figuring the direction and after it seems like long minutes (we took about 30mins?), we finally reached our destination! BUT! Got lost inside because we can’t seem to find the entrance to the theme park. Walked in rounds and rounds and asked for directions and finally, let me emphasize on FINALLY, reached the entrance. Bought the tickets for the wet and dry theme park and off we went!

This is called love (:

Presenting to you the famous bridge, a must walk, at Sunway Lagoon.
The long walk for Wendy, that is.

A group picture of us at the start of the journey on the bridge.
By then, Wendy had been supressing her fear of height in her.

Wendy was that scared, and it’s seriously not a joke.
Teased her a little, and she will scream. hahaha.
There were even tears in her eyes!

A few more pictures before we went to change into the proper attire for the wet theme park.

Took a few rides, in fact, pretty little rides on the wet theme park. We took the double float thingy. Took the first ride with Nicholas and second with Wendy. Can’t remember what but I do remember we took that mat ride. 6 of us, against each other on who can slide down the furthest. And guess who won? DARREN! He literally went to the last inch of the slide. This was when me and Wendy decided not to queue for ride anymore and just want to soak ourselves in the pool.
Eventually all of us did. I can’t exactly type down in words what exactly we did because at this instance, as I’m typing this, my memory is recalling every single thign we did and I’m literally smilling in front of my laptop screen. Little bits that happened in/at the water includes piggybackg on Darren and Nicholas, sitting on Nicholas’ shoulders, played games like who can stay in the water the longest, who can dive in deeper and further and others which I can’t exactly remember. Decided to go the dry theme park. Washed up and changed into our dry attire.

Some random pictures taken by Darren while we were walking back to the other side of the theme park.

Wendy and me on some ride that goes round and round and round and round.
Didn’t take much ride but we did took a group ride, a wet ride that is. Can’t remember the name and I can’t be bothered to remember either. Took the ride that went round and round and persuaded Darren to take another wet ride with me! haha. I practically dragged the ride from one to 3 times! Darren commented that I was somehow behaving happily like a little child. EH, I was happy! 😀 After 3 rides of that canyon something ride, we were completely drenched and thus, forcing us to purchase a sunway lagoon t shirt. And as for me, I have to purchase a slipper because mine was gone! as in, it broke. Got to find shorts too! It was like a forced shopping for me having to spent close to $100RM on top, bottom and slippers! In two receipts, because the shorts i found it in another store.

We were feeling hungry and I don’t think we had our lunch that day. Sourced for food and went to A ramen to have ramen.

Ate, talked, ate, talked, took pictures and ate and talked. Nich obviously enjoyed his volcano because it was oh super spicy that he tears coming out upon finishing the ramen. After which, we walked around to find our exit to get out and somehow got lost again and decided to have a toilet break before deciding how to get back to the hotel.
Random picture taken outside the toilet.
and yes, Fidah loves camera 😀
On the left side of the picture is the toilet sign of the toilet of respective genders.
and on the right, if you look closely and Mega’s expression, it’s totally priceless!

There’s this cool lights that changes colour every second outside a bar or something, and the girls, mostly me, were fascinated by it and of course, being Fidah who loves the camera, asked for a picture to be taken! And since Wendy likes purple, we waited and stand by till the light turns purple for a picture to be taken! (:

After all the phototaking and stuff like that, we decided to head back to the hotel by taxi. Somehow, we don’t understand how the taxi procedure work and Nicholas suggested that we should just take the public transport and we did. Walked back the same route, bought the needed tickets, boarded the train and blablabla, we reached Bukit Bintang Station. While walking back to the hotel, Nicholas or I can’t remember who wanted to have Starbucks. Somehow, I have no idea where my enegry came about, I murmured something and dragged the girls to Lot 10 for San Francsisco Coffee (: My all time and must have coffee (be it ice blend or what) in Malaysia! 😀 And they don’t seem to fail me! Their quality is still as good as I last remembered!
Happy with the Extreme Mocha, we walked back to Sungai Wang where Starbucks to meet up with guys. Walked back to the hotel and went our separate ways. Wendy’s aunts came to pick her up and she went over to their place to stay, leaving me and Mega behind. I took the opportunity that night to soak myself in the bathtub (: Refresing in that hot/warm/cold water. It rained slightly and Mega and I was hungry. Went down to the shop to get instant noodles. Ate, gossips or rather talked about the past boyfriends, friends, life before we called it a night.

Day 3 – Kuala Lumpur: KLCC & Chinatown

Day 3 was the Free and Easy day for the 6 of us.
Woke up a litte late and met up for breakfast a little later. Wendy called and told us that she was already on the way to KLCC to get the tickets for the skybridge tour of the Petronas Twin Towers. The 5 of us, after breakfast, decided to walk to KLCC to meet up with Wendy. Memory didn’t seem to fail on us and somehow the guys managed to find the way there.

Random snapshot taken while walking.

Reached and while waiting for Wendy to meet us at the entrance of the Twin Towers, visited the gift shop. Bought a thing or two for myself and the kids. Wendy came and she told us that the tickets stated that our visit is at 3:15pm. Time checked then was about 1030 – 11am? The guys decided to walk around KLCC while the girls went back to Bukit Bintang area.
Bought the tickets back and one incident happened. Because the 3 of us were talking and talking, we didn’t realise we had reached our stop. Panic, we ran to the door while the door about to close. And guess who were left behind? ME. But thank God, the train has a driver. He kindly opened the door again for me to align. It was super embarassing but everyone had a great laugh about it, don’t they?

We didn’t walk much and decided to take a rest at the hotel. Went back and took a really REALLY short nap. Supposedly to meet the guys at 2pm but we woke up like 1:30pm and only leave about 1:45pm and reached back at KLCC about 2:30pm? hahaha. Of course, the guys wasn’t too pleased and the babi just had to chant “2pm 2pm 2pm” which is pretty annoying. We found out later that they went back to the hotel too! And both sides didn’t know that all of us were at the hotel around the same time! They were early because they left at 1:30pm when the girls just woke up.
Since we were early, we had to wait. So, we make use of the facilities there such as this machine that measures your height and to see how many times the height of the tower against your height, some mind puzzle which we kind of solve 3 out 4 there. the 4th one was about 5 room with holes at the wall/partition and you have to use the string to go around the hole without repeating or overlapping the string and currently, i’m still thinking of the puzzle!

Of course, what’s there to do? 😀
Random picture of us while waiting for our turn!

Random snapshot. Don’t ask what Nicholas was doing.
He probably love the wall or something.
It’s like a Nicholas’ thing.

The human twin tower, except that the one on the right is slightly shorter than the other.
It’s a nicholas darren fidah thing.

and while waiting, someone turned emo.

The time finally came and we were ushered into a room and was given a yellow landyard and a 3D glasses. I guess the video and the procedure of visiting the tower had changed a lot. Last time, all we did was to just sit down at the viewing room and watch some video about how the heck they built the tower and who was involved, the architect, the workmanship, all those kind. Now, I can say that the video is way better than before and it’s in 3D, although I only felt the 3D feel at the credits of the video. After watching, off we go to the 41st floor!

Snapshots of us with the 3D glasses!

Us, at the 41st floor of the twin tower, at the sky bridge. I don’t remember the upper or lower deck of the bridge =X

Somehow, for the past months since Italy trip, I’ve been loving jump shot (:
And yeah, we did jump shots at the bridge, drawing unwanted/wanted attention from other visitors.

After the visit, we, again, separate ourselves into two groups. The guys were heading back to the hotel for massage while the girls went shopping! Although we were pretty much disappointed with the apparels here and there. Decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel and waited for the guys to get done and over with the massage before heading down to Chinatown or known as Petaling Street. Decided not to take any form of public transport and using my pretty weak memory and a map, we walked there. A pretty long walk but it was fun? hahaha.
Again, things there were disappointing. What’s up with Malaysia’s apparels man? Since the 5 of us (JK went to watch MPO concert) had yet to eat dinner, we went to Macdonalds. There’s a few funny, happy, cute moments there. Then again, it’s all in the mind and it will probably take me too much words to describe every moment. A memory shall just remain as a memory (:
After eating and talking and laughing, it was pretty late and decided to take cab back to the hotel. I can’t remember much of what happened next but I do remember that Darren and Nicholas came over while the girls were preparing to bathe. They played cards while I was glued to the tv. They were showing Big Fat Liar ot TV2! All time favourite movie to watch 😀 We called it a night about 1am ish? I can’t remember but it was pretty late by the time we wanted to sleep.

The girls on their shopping trip at Times Square
Wendy and Mega had a shop named after them!

It was sunset and I was sitting on my bed and this is view i get that evening.

Day 4 – Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highland

Woke up at about the same as usual. Got ready and went down for breakfast. Ate a little bit more that day, probably because my appetide was bigger. Anyway, after eating we made our way to the train station and proceed on to KL Sentral where we were going to buy the tickets to the bus that will bring us to Genting.

in the train!

The map of the train.

We reached KL Sentral and went to the Bus counter. Somehow, the next bus leaving for Genting is at 2pm!!!!!!! And it was only what, 10plus 11?! This was because the earlier buses were fully booked. Didn’t want to waste any more time, we took cab from KL Sentral to Genting. The journey, about 45mins cost $80RM per cab. Reached Genting Skyway cable car about 1145 – 12noon.

In the cab – Me, Darren and Nicholas
Cab#2 – Wendy, Mega and Jin Kun
Wanted to sleep but Darren kept talking and talking. =X

Reached and we reunited with the other 3. Went to the bus counter to book our seats to get back to KL and went to buy our tickets for the cable car. We join the long queue to board the cable and waited and waited for our turn. We were pretty much self-entertained with random games, checking out the cute guy and stuff like that. We boarded the cable car and Wendy was overcoming her fear again! She did well, except that she screamed a little when the cable car stopped for a moment leaving us hanging and it swung up and down. It was funny yet fun. hahaha. 😀

Random shot of us waiting and in the cable car.

We reached wherever we supposed to reach and first stop, Marybrown, to have our lunch because some of us were already feeling hungry! Ate and talked and ate and talked and went to buy drinks before we made our way to the outdoor theme park! Bought the tickets or whatever you called it. Went in and placed our bags in the lockers provided and the fun, or so, begins! The first ride all of us took was the Spinner, where it’s like a swing and it will bring you up in the sky and goes round and round! It’s a must ride for me! Because it’s like my favourite ride there please! 😀 And yes, I was a happy child that day!

Okay, I’m pretty lazy to think of the things we did in chronologically order. So let’s just use the pictures for more information. hahaha.

Me and Darren at Pirate’s House.
The super not romantic ride.

The ride is called Pirate Train. It’s something like going into a haunted house except that you are sitting on the car that will bring you in and out of the house. I think, i took this ride for 3 times? hahaha. The first time, sat alone, and 2nd time with Darren because we were waiting for people who went to the toilet and the last time with Darren again to take pictures in the house which obviously failed to capture the scary moments. We tried to fake ourselves to be scared when taking pictures but as you can see above, we totally failed.

Ultimately random, really random.

There’s this car located outside the toilet and while waiting, might as well make use of Darren and his camera to take picture right? 😀

The picture says it all.

Somehow Genting has this London’s phonebooth and their famous looking bus.
The first picture on the right was supposed to be just me and Wendy in the phonebooth BUT somehow Nicholas became a peeping tom or something like that. The second and third picture was at the entrance of the bus.

Mr. Energizer.
Random random random of us.

Ferris Wheel! 😀

This ferry wheel is called Matahari which means Sun in Malay. Me and Wendy took it while Nicholas, Darren and Mega was queuing for the spaceshot. Although it seems childish, I had fun taking with Wendy. We were bonded! haha. We talked quite a lot and took a couple of picture of us in that cabin, whatever you called that. I love Wendy Ng Wen Pey! 😀

Ah. Spaceshot. The very famous and must take ride at the theme park.

And I took it! After like many times there, I finally took it. .. .. It was my first and probably not my last! hahaha. I practically screamed at every second while I sat at the chair and the thing went up and down. And all the two guys did was just to laugh. -_-” THEY LAUGHED WHILE I SCREAMED MY HEARTS OUT. So annoying ….


My first time taking this ride as well! Sat right at the front with Nicholas with Mega and Darren behind us. Nicholas, the babi, laughed again during the ride. He such a babi please. And I didn’t scream! Maybe because I was so scared that I stonned. Then again, I was a happy child after the ride! hahaha.
Because it started to rain and the whole Genting practically stormed by mist, most of the ride had to be closed for awhile till the mist and rain go away. Walked around and decided to just take a the train ride that goes around the theme park. We didn’t really see anything because the whole area was covered with mist, white foggy stuff.
The rain subsided after some time and all of us head up to the viking ship to take our 2nd ride. Cheers to Wendy, again, for overcoming her fear! haha. Shamed on me and Mega who screamed more and louder than her. hahaha. Was thinking of what to do next and after taking random pictures in between, I suggested to take boating!

It’s just boating for about 15mins.
I didn’t cycle though. Only did for a few tweeny minutes. Nicholas did all the work. 😀 and Darren’s and Wendy’s boat was loop sided on Darren’s side. haha. It was a funny sight. hahaha.

This picture is not about the girls again but it’s the about the cute clown guy on the right side of the picture. 😀
He’s really cute! You can ask Wendy about it (: Damn cute please! hahaha.

After much walking around, taking pictures, taking random rides that includes the Space Station where all of us totally enjoyed ourselves at the senseless ride, we decided to leave the theme park. But before we left, we took the spinner for one last time! Oh, I miss that ride the most ):
Anyway, took our stuff at the lockers and started to walk back to the Skyway Cable Car station. Queued and waited and board the cable car.
It was Sunset when we were in the cable car.
That sunset is probably the best sunset I’ve ever seen in my life up to date. (:

We had a few minutes to spare and walked around the Skyway Cable Car station and sourced for food for a quick bite. The bus came and the one hour journey back to KL began. Tried to sleep and I did for a moment. The bus ride wasn’t that comfy and probably that’s why I can’t sleep that peacefully. Reached Pudu Raya station and we walked back to Bukit Bintang. The guys went for their dinner and back to the hotel while the girls tried their luck on the night shopping.
Met up with Darren and Nicholas to do the keychain thing and head back to the hotel. The girls bathe and washed up and got ready to go out again for our super extremely late dinner and beside, we needed to collect the keychain from the auntie. Walked down the street and couldn’t find a place to eat. Wanted to go to the chicken rice stall BUT it was closed by then. It was almost 12midnight by the way. Decided to just dine at Subway since that’s one of the few shops that was still operating. Ate, talked and was half sleep because I was dead tired by then. Met up with the two guys to collect the keychains and walked back to the hotel. The guys came over to play cards and to execute Plan B.
Plan B – Wendy’s Belated Birthday Celebration
Not the babi(s) who charged the beds the minute they entered the room.
They played cards again and in between playing, Darren brought out the tiramisu he bought for Wendy for her superduper late birthday celebration from the clique to her. Happy belated 20th love! 😀 The guys didn’t stay for long, and they left shortly after. The girls washed up and slept. Well, not exactly. We talked a for awhile more before each of us started to doze off to lala land.
Day 5 – Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

It’s the last day! ): And I didn’t want to go homeeeeee.
So much of me wanting to wake up at 7am. Wendy did woke up me at 7am when the alarm rang. But I kept snoozing and snoozing till 930am. Before I wake the girls up. The plan (for the girls) was that I went for a swim while the other 2 bathe and had breakfast before picking me up from the pool to go back to the room to pack our stuff. The whole time I was swimming, I was alone and I felt great. Refreshed to be exact. For the mind and body (: It’s been awhile since I really swim and I never felt better. Thought of things too and it just feel great to swim again. And I really hope, my knee would not act up again. ): Anyway, went back to the room. Wendy and Mega went to the ironing room to iron their clothes while I took that opportunity to soak in the warm water in the bathtub. Listened to the mp3 and somehow it felt so relaxing. I fall asleep for awhile till Mega banged the door to ask me when I am coming out.
It was almost noon when the guys, already packed and ready to go, came by our room. And guess what? The girls were still packing! Hand the key over to them and they went to check out for both room while the girls continue to pack their stuff. Met them at the lobby and since the van will only picked us up between 1:30pm to 2pm, we went to KFC for lunch and I had the current offer of grilled chicken with cheese wedges. Yummy! 😀
Since we had time, I suggested that we go over to Sungei Wang as I have a book in mind to purchase! Went over and was disappointed that Dorothy Koomson’s The Cupid Effect was not available there ): Instead, I bought Thanks for the Memoris by Cecelia Ahern. 😀 Darren treat all of us by buying 200g each worth of double chocolate cookies and another kind of cookies from Famous Amos, which by the way, was finished by the time we reached Singapore (: Thank you Darren for the yummy cookies! hahaha. Went back to the hotel and waited. Ohh. I bought a slurpee on the way back too! (:
The van came to pick us up and drove us to the Pasarakyat Bus Terminal to take the coach. We had about 45mins to an hour to spare and ate again! Slacked at the waiting room after that. Then, it was time to board the coach. And the start of the 5hours plus journey began ):
Shots of us on the way back to Singapore.
Was watching a Korean movie on the monitor and somehow, I didn’t feel like watching. Read the book and halfway, fall asleep. I woke up due to I don’t know what. Toilet break and talked to Wendy and Mega after that. He Was Cool, a Korean movie was shown and watched it halfway before it adruptly end as we were approaching the Malaysia Custom. And the Singapore Custom and the journey back home was nearing. ): I don’t want to go home!
Reached Lavender MRT station and we went our separate ways ): Me, Darren and Nicholas headed to Bugis for Starbucks before leaving for home. Talked about I can’t remember what till Starbucks was about to close. Shared a cab with Darren while Nicholas took the train back home.
Starbucks at Bugis
That was it. 5 days 4 nights with the bandclique. Although not the full strength of the usuals, I had enjoyed every single bits of the trips. The teasings to the gossips to the serious talkings to everytime else. Its worth spending, investing on this trip. The long wait for this trip to happen. It just freaking worth it. I got to be closer to Wendy even more, and Mega too. Know the guys a little better too. 5 days 4 nights is just freaking short for us to spend time together. I’m missing the times together ):
The time spent seems shorter but the time waiting for the meet up seems longer ):

And so, we are now back into our individual life with goals and dreams to achieved. Only to meet up when we plan to meet up or just feel like meeting up. Each of us will probably be busy with our individual things. The road of life is long and i hope we do stay in contact. But if we weren’t, thank you for these wonderful memories and friendship that had been created and strengthen over the past 3 years (:

bahhh! I’m getting emo about this ):
I miss the boyfriends and girls ):
till then,

>ITALY POST :D (overdue post #1)

>I know that my Italy trip with SNYO ended like a month ago and today is 26th August. I just finally had my deserved free time because …….










MST AND SEMESTER EXAMS ARE OVER! Contract Administration paper marks the last paper of the long 3 weeks of horrendous study hours and mugging and unnecessary stress! FREEDOM 😀 Ohh. that’s the contract admin paper. I scribbled on it after i finish the whole paper and i didn’t take the picture of it during the exam. Duh! Can bring home question paper, that’s why. (: HAPPY FIDAH 😀

Okay. And now, i shall begin the post on
SNYO Italy Trip 2008
10th Florence International Music Festival
9 to 19 July 2008
Before we began our journey to the other side of the world, we had our concert the night before the trip at the Esplanade Concert Hall, 8th July 2008.
Went to school before rehearsal then concert for IT lesson in the morning and yes, me and Darsh can’t help it but to camwhore during class (:
Sophia + Rafidah + Christopher + Benjamin = HORN SECTION 😀
BN la BN 😀
SPSB People! hahaha. Didn’t expect this much.
And of course, Darshni and Adilla came! 😀 thanks girls!
Few shots with the people who came (:
Overall, the concert was great although there’s screw up here and there. And this was only the beginning of the 3 repertoire that we are bringing to Italy for the Italian audience. Anyway, i can’t remember much. But Jinjun had post up a short video of our rehearsal. So click here; #1 to watch (: Went back home and prepared for the trip and school. lalalaa~

The start of the journey; Changi Airport Terminal 3

Parents sent me off (:
Bestie too!
Kelly and I with the Kesian Boys plus Bettina and Jiaxing .
The Brass Section at T3.
Horn horn horn section before boarding the plane (:
And so, we have to report to T3 at 830pm to check in and such. Met Bestie after school and head down to PP to get last minute stuff and hurried home to pack and such. Thanks to her, everything is done (: Had photo taking with the banner which i think throughout the trip, we only used it once. HAHA. Checked in, walked around, talked a lot and pretty much felt tired because it was almost 12. Boarded and sat and the journey begins! 12 hours of flight, is no joke. Butt pain, can’t sleep much. Slept for like 3 hours and spent most of the time watching movies (Ayatayat Cinta, Step up 2, Over Her Dead Body, 27 Dresses) and dramas/comedies and cartoons and playing games and listening to music.

Day 1: Arrival in Milan; Montecatini Terme, Tuscany

View of the airport from where i was sitting in the bus.
Happy me, happy Sophia (:
This is purely random. But this is the phone is my room! Super super antique. you really have to turn the thing around to dial and it’s pretty heavy. Really!

A very tourist picture, one of the few, i had. This is at the palace something something.
The walk down to the centre of the town of Milan. Pretty buildings (: I was in love with the architecture!
At the mall mall mall!
The very famous Cathedral in Milan. Interior very pretty, very peaceful, very historial kind. Exterior very bold. It was built, if i remember correctly, during the 14th century. Took 100 over years, if i remember. Memory failling la. shit.
Don’t ask why. It was my suggestion for Jump shot. HAHA. And and and i really love jump shot ok? (:

Basically the first day is focus on Sight seeing in Milan, after which followed of 5 hours journey to Montecatini Terme, Tuscany where our hotel, Hotel Belvedere, is located. I really love the hotel because of the surrouding. Very country style, i like (: Dinner was great. Had pasta, then the meat course and ice cream i think for dessert. Very sweet! hahaha. Briefing and then, it was light off! Ohh. My roomates are Daphne Teo and Sophia Tinger.

Day 2: Rehearsal at the Hotel, Lucca
Roomates while waiting to rent bicycles (:
Sophia, Min Yen, Daniel and Wei Ken on their bikes!

A fail shot of jump shot. Oh, that’s Daniel, the pro jumper. HAHA.
Editted picture i took of Daniel on the street of Lucca.
Nope. I didn’t use photoshop to edit the picture that enables the background to be bright. I took it with settings on the camera of course. I used Aperture mode to get this setting i wanted.

I took double bike with ah ma! And i’m damn pro, not. HAHA. Thanks Bernard for the shot!
Because we were bored and was waiting for the people who “ditch” us to go down the slope and bought ice cream. Background super nice!

So day 2, woke up at freaking 4am because the sunrises that early during summer! Then slept again and woke up around 7 to bathe and get ready for breakfast. Breakfast was nice and it was the same through the whole trip. Sorry Boss, no photo of the food. Had rehearsal at the very not romantic area near the swimming pool. That’s the start of the “bad” mood i had during the trip. Did my best and the section did their best too. After which was lunch. Pasta, the meat course and desert! Desert is always the best best best (: I like! And off we go to Lucca for sight seeing. I think Lucca is my favourite place during the trip. It’s a small town surrounded by this wall and you can never get lost there. Just find the wall that surround the town to get to entrance of the town where the main information place is. Pretty small town. And cycling there is a must! (: And you can see pretty views of the mountains, forest or whatever you call that there! And ahem, me and my dear ah ma, Min Yen, achieved something at Lucca. That is HOW TO HANDLE THE DOUBLE BIKE! (:
Okay. The story is that Ah ma don’t know how to cycle, so i volunteer to double with her and having ZERO experience being the rider sitting in front to control the ride, we pretty much use Daniel as our bumper/stopper. All we did was screamed his name and he will help us stop the bike. And trust me, Daniel and the rest did try to help/teach us how to sit, control and stop the bike for like an hour or so and we still can’t get it. At one pit stop, there’s this slope down to the nearest shop to get drinks and of course me and ah ma didn’t go la coz slope le, you want us to crash ah? CHOY! Then while waiting for them, they took pretty long because they bought ice cream!!!!, me and ah ma tried to sit on the bike ourselves which we failed terribly until these 2 Italian men, grandad that kind, came and taught us, in ITALIAN. And really, we tried our best to understand and somehow, we got it! hahaha. So happy. Grazie (: At that point we didn’t know how to stop, so cycled and cycled and decided to try to stop the bike. Deaccelerate and slowly stop and somehow, it happen. It’s like mission accomplish for the day! You should see Ah Ma’s face. So happy! hahaha. I was happy too! Then we did again and again. 3 hours ride was almost up and we returned the bike and walked to explore Lucca. Small and friendly town. (: It was love at first sight! Head back to hotel for dinner and slack and i can’t remember what.

Day 3: Florence

The dome behind the Cathedral.
Another shot.
The road in Florence.
Outside Vettori Workshop walking to some where.
Ignore Jiarong! That’s the cute Italian guy who is a violin maker! hahaha. But must thank Jia Rong for the picture eh? (:
Say, PRETTY. (:

Yet another sight seeing day. This time, is at Firenze or known as Florence. One word. BREATHTAKING. Okay. I think that’s two words becoming one. Haha. Anyway my camera just had to die and took it’s last breath today. The systems fail due to the motherboard something something according to the canon when i went to send for repair after coming back in Singapore. Nevertheless, i had my 3.2mp phone to take random pictures and of course, asking friends to take pictures (: Back to Florence. Beautiful city. I wish SP BE school would use other buildings from the world as case study and add it history of buildings as one of their modules and probably, the student will love the course more. Beautiful beautiful city. Not too modern, not too historical. Just a little bit of both and you have Florence. I can’t describe the beauty of the city. At night, it’s just perfect. Really. (: Head back to hotel for dinner. Slackeedddddd!

Day 4: Pisa, Performance at Terme Tettuccio
yesyes, the leaning tower of Pisa! 😀 It’s really leaning and i can’t believe i’ve actually seen it there! there! Pretty tower with pretty surrounding. Too bad we didn’t go up. 15Euros for it and and we didn’t have much time to do so.

Me and Ah Ma (: At Pisa. In front of the Cathedral and some wedding car. OHH. There’s this couple who was like having their wedding photo taken and all. So romantic la! They are Asians and i can’t remember where they are from.
Random group photos at Pisa.
Left: Me with the Rongs (Wen Rong and Jia Rong)
Right: Daphne, Jia Rong, Wen Rong, Sophia, Min Yen ah ma and Me

Me and the horse. There’s this horse carriage ridding thing at Pisa. In fact, in Italy, they have it. And the only reason there’s a gap between me and the horse is because i was scared. Shut up. I know.
This is what we called family picture perfect (if only there wasn’t random people behind). HAHa. Ah ma adopted us 😀
PICTURE OF THE DAY! Okay. Me and Chris were trying to do the STARE WHAT STARE pose but Bernard gave that weird face look and we didn’t know until the picture was taken. Look super retarded. I know. BUT IT’S FUNNY LA!

Normal routine. Woke up, bathe, breakfast. And seeing to, PISA! Yes yes yes! The leaning tower of Pisa! Yes, i saw it leaning to an angle of 10degrees. YES! I saw one of the wonders of the world! YES! haha. Was pretty excited. Nono, i was SUPER EXCITED! haha. Spent quite a lot there too. haha. Happy! Was a short sight seeing trip though. Head back to hotel for lunch and had free time. The horn section decided to use the free time to a good use and had sectionals. Mr Lim came and help us too. Thank you (: After sectionals, went back to our room and got ready for dinner and then concert at Terme Tettuccio. Was pissed off! Not so much because of stand only. But it was solved at a fast rate. Everything was okay except for the 2 solos which i had trouble getting it right ): Super sad plus angry plus disappointed i’m telling you! Anyway, talked to Daphne and i cheered a little. Bathe and had the night.

Day 5: Siena, San Gimigniano & AJO Concert

Meet my Ah ma Min Yen! 😀 She’s the best best best caretaker during the trip, before the trip, after the trip! woohoo. Hello ah ma! 😀
The roomiesss without Sohpia at somewhere in San Gimigniano.
Random group picture at Siena.
Buildings found in San Gimigniano. Check out the clear blue sky!
that’s the wishing well. yes, i throw a coin in it and make a wish. and i won’t tell you what i wished for *winks
Scenery we get to see on the high high place at San Gimigniano.
My future house. Welcome (:

The whole day was spent sight-seeing. After breakfast and briefing and everything else, we made our way to Siena. I think it was like ehhh. 2 hours plus ride? I can’t remember la because i was sleeping. Either that ore i was watching Definitely Maybe on Sophia’s Ipod. Can’t remember. So long already. So we reached Sienna and had a guided tour. It was okay, and I can tell that Italians are very proud of their very rich history. We don’t have free time because of the guided tour. Saw nice places and all. Annually Siena have this horse racing thing at the main central of their town. It’s like they have different districts (like Dragon and other names) and each of the districts will send their best horseman or whatever. Something like that. Bought a fridge magnet or whatever you call that for my mummy’s fridge. Had packed lunch for the day and they gave me a better choices of sandwiches. Tomatoes with yummy cheessseee 😀 And some weird egg thing. LALALA. Head to the bus and we proceed to San Gimigniano. It’s about an hour ride from Siena. There wasn’t any tour guide and we were to roam around. Got a couple of things for my parents, cousin and I and i’m pretty happy with my buying. We even went to supermarket (very auntie, i know) there and i bought like 2 tomoto something for pasta thing for my mum (she was very pleased) and it only cost like S$1 can? It’s about 500ml if i remember correctly. WORTH THE BUY! Regretted not buying the bag though. LOL. Head back to the hotel after that. Wash up and dinner and proceed back to Terme

Day 6: Florence, Performance at Santo Stefano Church
Terme Tettuccio, the exterior/the front view of the place where we performed our first concert in Italy.
Random view that i pretty like while walking back to the hotel. See the blue blue sky? So clear blue sky.
While walking back, part of the route. An Italian lady having her morning walk i supposed.
Day 6 was spent with the AJO in the morning after breakfast. Woke up pretty late and skipped breakfast because i was just too tired. Anyway, we walked to the AJO’s hotel, it was relatively a walking distance, say about 15mins worth of walking which was pretty cool because we get see our hotel neighbourhood. There’s this park and it was beautiful and i wish i could stay here in Italy because they have such a beautiful place and beautiful weather. Rehearsal was okay, met up with the section and exchange of gifts and all. After which, head back to the hotel for lunch. And then get our stuff ready and to proceed to Florence where we had our 3rd performance at Santa Stefano Church. Upon arriving there, very the dramamama i’m telling you. Because of an incident and everything turn dramamama. I was too angry till i cried. But things settled in somehow. After putting our stuff at the chruch, we went to the Academia Gallery (another art gallery) to see DAVID, the famous poet or whatsoever, i can’t remember. There’s also the instrument gallery room where old old old super old instrument are being displayed. Uber cool. I saw a natural horn that’s like dated back to the early 1700s. Walked around the gallery and see the famous David (it’s a statue fyi) and went to other places for shopping/food searching before going back to the church for rehearsal. Rehearsal, blablabla and it was concert. Was a little distracted and all. Performance was great, the sound was awesome but butbut we rushed like mad ): AHH. I wasn’t too happy with the performance though. Oh well. Packed up and went back to the hotel.

Day 7: Florence, Performance at Santa Stefano church

inside the church. the stage or whatever you call it, AJO rehearsing their pieces when we arrived around 3pm.
secondary school frieeenndddss: me, hazizi and kelly (:
random pictures taken during our so called break time where some of us did shopping, lazing around or just find some place to indulge ourselves with the ultimate gelato/pizza/sandwiches.
an attempt of emo shot and of course a nice shot taken before the emo one.
random group picture with Mr Lim and the officials, Ms Wang and Mr Ng.

With Mr Lim. Kelly said i looked prettyyy happy.
Group pictures! 😀 happy shalalallalala~ before performance. And the time was about 8pm? yeah, that bright.
think this was taken during rehearsal. i’m not sure =X Chris’ expression is funnnneeyy.
during the performance. AJO on stage.
the night scenery at Florence the river which i can’t remember the name. were waiting for the buses to pick us up. time was around 1130? yeah. i miss the cold breeze ):

Woke up pretty late, say around 8 am because we had free time till noon but breakfast was like till 9plus? Got ready and stuff. Had breakfast, blablabla and then we had sectionals as in the horn section with Mr Tan at 10am till lunch. A fruitful one, i shall say. Thank you Mr Tan (: Can’t remember much, but was not in a good mood because of the things that i still can’t play. Anyway, lunch was good. I had the vegetarian choices and for the “meat” course, they serve me a fried cheese which super super delicious with some vegetable. Sat with the Double Bass section and Mr Lim. Talked about stuff and all. Then, prepared to leave for Florence (again) for combined concert with AJO at S Santo Stefano Church. Reached, and AJO was having their rehearsal. Were given about an hour plus after rehearsal to wander to some place and have dinner. Me and Daphne wander around by ourselves, got something for my dad and stuff, had tuna sandwich which taste pretty good. And went back and got ready for concert! And oh, i was pretty high during rehearsal and during concert and after concert. I even ask Mr Lim to rehearse the front part again because I wasn’t happy with my part and i literally tell him “Mr Lim, do again. I not happy” haha. I don’t know why! But it was okay. The performace was great. ROSSINI WAS GREAT! muahahaha. I didn’t miss any notes in that one bar solo! happy la! but i wish i could have done better. But oh well! It’s over. The combined pieces with AJO was great too! lalala. I can’t remember their names though. HAHA. I only remembered Hanks because he played the first part too. Took pictures and stuff. I enjoyed the walking back to the bus part because Florence is just beautiful especially at the river where you can see the reflection of the building lights and street lights and it was full moon too. The breeze was just amazing. Reached hotel around 1pm and packed stuff for the next day. Transfering to Milano.

Day 8: Milan, Performance at Auditorium di Milano
The poster outside the auditorium!
Singapore National Youth Orchestra on the stage at Auditorium di Milano during rehearsal! Had like an hour to find a place in Milan for dinner and we are not that fimillar because we spent most of the concert days at Florence and we found this cool Pizza place (i kind of forget the shop name) and that’s ME with the HUGEEEEE personal pizza. Magherita pizza is uber delicious and i love love it very much. And yes yes, that pizza that i’m holding? The huge one? It’s ALL MINE 😀 Just MINE! SERIOUS! Boss, don’t jealous ah!
Friend of mine for like 7 years, same school, classmate for 2 years, band for 4 years, syo for like almost 3 years or so? a great, bubbly friend of mine (: hello kelly!

Can’t help it. We just love our signature pose 😀 Ramily = Rafidah + Emily!
Random pictures taken with random people (:
In the picture: Queenie, Min Yen Ah Ma, Wei Ken, Pamela, Kelly, Hao Wei, Jia Rong, Chien Teng and Daphne
Daphne quote this picture as “Fidah and Mr Tan…she seems soooo happy. Dunno why…o.O” and ya, i don’t know why i was super happy, super high. I think it’s the aftermath of the concert (:
3 out 5 people who sitted right at the back of bus A 😀 Sophia, Me and Benjamin Goh dramamamamama #1. Not in the picture Tedson dramamamamamama #2 and Daphne.

Woke up slightly earlier to pack last minute stuff and checked the whole room in case of anything that we might left behind other than our stinky socks. Had breakfast, the last one ever, at the Hotel and took photos here and there. Bored the bus and stuff, and the journey of 5 hours began from Montecatini Terme to Milano. Reached Grand Hotel Barone di Sassj and was assigned to our respective rooms. My roomate was Sophia! Room number 708 and the view was great! The hotel is the typical modern hotel you can find around the world. Classyyyy. Had lunch and bathe to freshen up and got ready to go to Auditoroum di Milano! had rehearsal and i don’t know la. Maybe the stress/pressure or what. Because i still can’t get that 2 bars right in the Dvorak Movt 4! It was funny because Mr Lim was rehearsing it and i still can’t play at that point of time. And he was like “tell me Siti. Is it me? You want me to smile?” something like that. Blur as i was, stress up as i was, i went “okay. Mr Lim, can you smile?” which resulting in a roar of laughters from the orchestra. And okay, i did play but a little funny. LALALa. I don’t know how explain laaaa. Had one hour of lunch and since we aren’t that familliar with Milan, we walked around a little to find a decent place to eat and we did! And the huge magherita pizza cost only like 4Euros which is like S$8! After dinner, went back to the auditorium and got ready for the concert! The concert was great. The best yet so far (: I’ve enjoyed every moment of the last concert we performed in Italy. After concert was great. Took like a lot of pictures. Had fun walking back to the bus. Laughed, talked, chatted. Everything was just so great. The weather was awesome. Cooling weather. I love it (; In the bus was great. We sang like no business. Loud, not in tune, random songs we just want to sing. Reached the hotel, went to respective room. Wash up, packed bag and slept and dreading the next day.

Day 9: Milan, Grand Hotel Barone di Sassj

Me and the pro jumper decided to take SELF jump shot and the first 3 pictures which obviously doesn’t show our faces in it were the attempts of SELF jump shot which obviously failed miserably and then we decided to take a decent one which is not a SELF jump shot and just a normal standing and smilling to the camera shot.

Pamela! (: the adorable girl i’ve met in this trip! Super sweet sweet girl! I miss her la. She always entertain me with her childish cute ways and we both love chocolates!
In the freaking long queue to check in our luggage! the airport with the super cool adverts hanging.
15.8 Kg. That’s how much i weigh now. (: DUH. of course not la! My luggage weight!
And you can’t leave Italy without having the Magheritta pizza man. I was supeer happppppppyyy with the pizza!
My plane buddy aka section mate! Hello Benjamin! 😀

Woke up at 7am to wash up and packed last minute stuff. Breakfast and Emily and i was in the search of toilet. Blablabla. Head to the bus, took some random photos and the journey from hotel to the airport began. Depressing i tell you. I don’t want to go! All of us were like i can’t believe the trip is ovverrrr. ): I wish i can tell you how beautiful Italy is. I enjoyed the bus ride all the time, because the scenery i get to see is simply amazin. Reached airport and took like almost an hour or so to check in because me, Pamela and Auntie Shauna cut queue! If not, 2hours le! buay tahan! Bought food and chocolate and blablabla, WE BOARD THE FREAKING PLANE. i don’t want to go homeeeee. And the 12 hours journey home began ):

End of the wonderful journey: Singapore

Just look how far Italy is from Singapore. The freaking 12 hours of flight home where i only slept for 15mins because i was busy watching movies after movies.

I was dreading every minute that went by, every centimetre that the plane went and dreading that Singapore was nearing. The 12 hours of flight were spent watching movies: The Bucket List, Ah Long Pte Ltd, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days , Step Up 2 (forward to the dancing scene), Alvin and the Chipmunks (forward to the singing scene), dramas/sitcoms/cartoons and random songs i can find in the system. I only slept like 15mins and that was like before touching down in Singapore. Ah, sadded. Reached Singapore and felt super sad. Arrived, talked to some of the members, took the stuff and said goodbye and went our seperate ways. Parents picked me up and had breakfast before heading home. And i can’t believe i went online straightway and went for SP band in the afternoon and went out after practice! I was awake since 7am (Milan timing, Singapore is like 1pm on 18th July) all the way till like 2am (Singapore timing, 19th July), for like freaking 37 hours or so! Record breaking i’m telling you. I was so sleepy that on the way back from Town, i slept and Jin Kun actually accompanied me in the bus till i reached my stop where he was supposed to alight first than me! Nice friend right? Thanks buddy!

Date started: 1st August 2008
Date ended: 26th August 2008
More pictures can be found here: #1 and at my facebook a/c!
This is just plainly on recalling the things that happened during the trip based on what I see, hear, and feel. Memories created during this trip are worthwhile. I’ve learnt more things not only about music, but also about myself. Something I didn’t know about me. This trip is kind of meaningful for me because it has my two favourite things in the world – Music and Travelling. Music is something that I really love and travelling is something that I truly enjoy. I’ve learnt of controlling self emotions and put up a strong front and having to learn to believe in oneself to do what we want to do. I’ve learnt that friendship can be created, anywhere and anytime and a simple hello and a smile will start a friendshup. I’ve learnt that to achieve results, one have to work hard to get it. I’ve learnt that without support from your friends and achieving something yourself is not as nice having their support and sharing the achievement.
I want to thank everyone who had made this trip possible including the officials and my parents. I have to say a huge thank you to my section for their understanding and faith in the section and when we fall, we fall as one and when we strive, we work hand in hand and achieve the section goal (: Thank you for the wonderful memories in Italy and in Singapore and thank you for the friednship created! And i hope this will last in each one of us forever. (: Once again, thank you, for the oppportunity to be part of this (:
Alright. I’m done with Italy post. Next up, SIBF and IBM. Stay tune!
I miss Italy ):

till then,

>Back Home.

> 10 days just flew like that and i can’t believe i’m back at the sunny Singapore and not at the summer loving Italia. I have learnt thousands of things both in music and non-music areas and of course, certain things that happened wow me because it was unexpected and such. I miss the place, i miss the people i went with there. Memories are just there for me to enjoy and for you to wonder what it feels like to be there. *winks

Update details soon.

In the meantime, i pretty much have to catch with schoolwork.

till then,