>Vintage Deli Cafe



It’s the 7th day of the new year and today marks the last official day of school before handing in of stats next week which starts the two weeks of study break followed by the exams..

The last gathering I had before school started was last Saturday. It was purely the girls outing and the boys gave us a visit after they had their dinner. Nina brought us to Vintage Deli Cafe at Bussorah Street and it’s a nice small cozy place to dine in and chill out with your friends. The  food is good and the price is pretty reasonable. The service was awesome. It’s one the places were I will consider going again and again. (: The bonus point about Saturday: the company I had was awesome! Love the gerekgerek ganggang!  and like what Asmah said, whatever happened in the train sum up the whole outing.

So far the new year has been great. No complaints yet. Not having the I-am-busy-to-the-max-that-i-just-want-to-die kind of schedule yet. No troubles like heart, love, heartbroken love kind of troubles yet. No emotional breakdown yet. THEREFORE, 2010 so far has been goooooooood.

And yes people,  you are right. I am blogging today because it’s Thursday and I am having Stats tutorial now. Thus, the update.
I don’t know what else to talk about. So goodbye and till I update next?
from 2PM.
Okay done. I’m going to pay attention to stats for one last time. One of my new year resolution is to pay attention in Stats class which I am failing to do so miserably.
till then,


>It’s the second week of holidays and I still have 2 more weeks to slack and enjoy life before school starts! Very siandified after thinking about the assignments and the sleeping time at 11pm and waking up 6am kind of schedule. Nevertheless, on the bright side, I have 2 weeks to enjoy and that my school schedule will be like 3 times a week! (:

Met up with the Jcu people (ShuXian, Vina, Joyce, JiaEn and Shinzu)  for a meet up during this holiday for cycling! Despite of the rain, we just went for it! And thank God the weather was awesome after that (:

We cycled for almost 3hours for just blardy $6. Cheap deal, I like! But it seems that when you rent the bike for 2 hours is damn short. 3 hours is just blardy long la! After you cycled like 6km or something, and you look at your watch, it’s only like 1hr just passed? Basket. But its okay. The almost 3hrs of cycling does good to my weak legs man, they are in the need of workout. But of course la, we girls not superhero. We took stops in between.

Dinner-ed with ShuXian, Vina and Joyce while JiaEn and Shinzu went back home. After which, we tried to find Penny at where we think it’s the ice cream shop she was working but failed. Headed to Borders after the failed attempt and me and Shu went crazy over this book because it’s a book where it tells what your face, hands, fingers etcetc means. We were very excited, mind you. Headed home after that.

More photos at facebook (:
And my body is aching all over. More like my legs are sore.

till then,

>Sentosa: Underwater World (:

> Our outing to Sentosa, Underwater World (: Selected pictures shown here, more at Facebook!

Saturday was purely a fun day and I haven’t enjoyed myself much ever since school has started like one and a month ago. It was simply just me and Wendy affair and I love it much (: Sentosa was just awesome. Underwater World is even more awesome. It’s like reliving the childhood memories. The experience definitely brought the kid out of the both of us. We literally went to see every single fishes and non fishes species there and went wahhhhh or ohhhhhhh at the cute, ugly, small, big species. We took pictures at every spot we can and just indulge ourselves with the underwater beauty of the whole place. Dolphin Lagoon was even cooler. The show was just average but it’s dolphins! Pink dolphins! Totally loving it (: There’s a part where they have like audience participation and it was about love. They played this slow, smoothing love song and I actually felt like crying because it was so touching when the dolphin gave a kiss to the participant. Spent most of our time walking at the beach and the Merlion walk and end off the day spent with some glimpse of the Song of Sea including fire blasting and fireworks (:
A totally great day spent with a very good friend of mine (:
Hope to have more such outing again. It will be better if we can get the whole clique to come together which is currently much impossible. But it’s okay. It can always be a me and Wendy thing πŸ˜€
Now that Midterms are over and done with. It’s the assignment rush week. Dateline is coming and it’s like one day after another for each module taken this semester. Academic hell week according to Shu. On lighter note, I have roughly 3 weeks worth of study break before the exams which is horrible.
Exams timetable were out and it’s like exactly the first week of Hari Raya and it’s like one day after another. I have like 4 days worth of papers straight! 4 papers continiously. MADNESSSS!!
And semester 2 timetable is out which spells decision making on what modules to take. I have 3 modules in mind and I hope I am able to take 3 modules for semester 2. I want forensic psyh but it will totally clash with yo rehearsals. Speaking of which, I have to really think about this very seriously. Like really, really think about it which is a bit impossible on my side because I am sich a fickle minded person ):
By the way, I am actually in school now having Anthropology tutorial class. Am multi-tasking. blogging as well as watching some video being played in class. It’s about sex and marriages. Like omg. It’s pretty interesting actually. If you want to know, just prompt me a question online which I will probably tell you that I will give you a more details if I see you. HA.
I should get back and focus my attention in class.
till then,


>Currently: At Suntec Starbucks with the above lady, Ms Siti Nurarnina a.k.a Singapore’s future nurse (: Ms Su’aidah is on the way to meet us too πŸ˜€

2nd week ended off with Dr. Foo’s lecture on Brain & Behavior which was another awesome lecture with laughter and tons of surgery and health and gruesome stories. BUT today’s lecture was more mind taxing with all the weird and unusual terms and names that I had never heard and heard before and why, WHY, is brain so complex?! DAMN.

Okay. Will update more later. My battery is dying and the connection here is a bit weird. And I feel like asking the guy beside us at starbucks to go away because I NEED TO USE THE BLARDY POWER POINT. URGHH.

Facebook is getting funnier. AHAHHAHAHAHA.

till then,

>kor (:

>I met Kor on Monday like finally. The last time I saw him was on his graduation day which lasted for a mere 5 minutes. Anyway, met him like at 1230pm and made our way to Marina Square Swensens. Saw his classmate along the way too. Kor treated me and the food was awesome (: haha. Although it was kind of slow and stuff. Talked and ate and talked and ate. Walked around for awhile and I saw my love, my love Lee Ping working at Diva (:

Made our way down to Tampines to meet share. Initially wanted to go Starbucks, but it’s at Tampines, it’s always damn packed. Changed to Coffee Bean and we slacked there for don’t know what reasons. Walked around Tampines 1 before calling quits.

I lost the mood of the blog.

Last day of orientation tomorrow! (:
And I still don’t know which elective to take laaaa.

Skype-ing with Syahir always lead to nonsensical conversation and ultimate laughters! hahaha
Little guy called, talking to him now.

till then,



Girlfriends @ E!Hub Gelare (:

I want to blog about my lunch outing with Kor but he’s being lazy and all and has not upload them yet. Thus, I haven’t received any and that post will be put on hold.

I had attended today’s orientation and it was boring. Like seriously boring. I spent like 75% stoning and my mind just flew out to random places. I only enjoyed the introduction speech by the school’s Dean and free food and the friends I made today. The canteen food. Alaamakk. Damn expensive and not nice at all. The vege, like tasteless with a very weird taste. Okay. I do not know what else to blog about JCU. But I think it’s a very rich school. They giving us a thumbdrive with the student handbook inside. THUMBDRIVE. omgosh. Special thanks to Amina Maisara who had withstand my whining via phone calls as well as the massive sms. THANKS BABE. It was weird going to JCU without you ):

I’m skipping tomorrow’s orientation programme because it’s just games and all. And I’m not a sociable soul this round. And since my new found friends are skipping, might as well join them (:

Syaa wanted to hang out with Me and Nina together like forever and today was the day. Nina drove and *ahem* Syaa was like ultimate late in meeting Nina and thus, I waited for almost an hour for them. They fetched me and the first stop was Thomson Plaza. It’s like first time and I was being damn sua ku or whatever you call that. She got her starbucks and treated us to donuts. She bought her OCK because she was hunger. Supposedly to drive down to downtown but instead we made a detour to Ikea because I was randomly suggested to have the hotdogs there. And we did. After talking and stuff, we finally made our way to downtown. We walked around and finally settled for the Gelare.

E!hub Gelare service is like ……………………………………………. SHIT.
Super slow service. Syaa was fuming mad that I was actually scared of her. When it comes to food and services, Syaa is the customer YOU DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH. I thought I was the ultimate one, but she’s far worse than me. Scary, macam like MONSTER siah..

Anyway, we had the chocolate chips waffles with 3 scoop of ice cream shared among the 3 of us and I kind of forget what flavours we took. HAHAHA. TOO HUNGRY JUST NOW AH, then forget about the flavours. HAHAHA. After that, we ate the donuts and alamak, I’m telling you, I’m super damn full.

My dinner was JUNK FOOD. I was full because of JUNK FOOD.
Super not healthy, super fattttening. ALAMAKK. NOT GOOD I’M TELLING YOU.

After feeling fat, we went to NTUC to buy drinks and Syaa wanted to buy something for her soulmate. Drove to Changi Fire station because Syaa wanted to meet her soulmate and thus, made me and Nina wait SUPER LONG. And off we went home.

Thanks girls for the hangout, it’s been awhile.

Enjoyed my day today at JCU.

Okay, I’m meeting the girls tomorrow at 7am for a jog.
Fidah is NOT jogging but walking and taking pictures.


And I just feel like blogging in a Singlish manner. Very the Singaporean maaaaaahhh.

till then,

>Cher Su Fi

>The picture is pretty cute? No? HAHA. I find this picture the best of out the many we took today. It’s just random shot of the 3 of us. That’s Chermaine on the right, Susu’s classmate/coursemate. A pretty funny and energetic girl. haha.

Anyway, Susu and Cher had their last paper today and Susu dragged me to go cycling with them which I had obliged to. Since I’ve been slacking and stuff, might as well go right? She treating me and that’s another plus point. Met up with them at Susu’s place and made our way to East Coast Park where we rented the bicycles and had a whole 3 hours to cycle at the park. We proceed to the left side of the park (towards Airport) and practically spent most of our time slacking at jetty(s) and water breakers or whatever you call that to camwhore and stuff. But the picture quality is just soso because we used Susu’s phone to take the pictures.

I’m pretty lazy to blog in details. Had dinner and then I went home.
Thanks for the treat, Su! πŸ˜€

I guess I’m pretty contented with my life right now. People has been asking me to get a job and I’ve been job hunting. I’m not lazy, don’t get me wrong. I’ve applied lots of jobs but with no reply. And I concluded that I won’t probably enjoy working just yet and will just live and go with the flow of what Life might bring me. I’m happy with the odd jobs I’m having now which is tutoring students. Odd jobs somehow fits me right now and I’m pretty happy teaching the students that I’m tutoring. So yes, I’m contented as of now.

Of course, I wish I have better things to do. But right now, let’s just say I’m taking one step at a time in life. I will say I’m not ready for the working world just yet. I hoped to get a place somewhere, to get and continue my studies. Well, that had to depend on the Elders. Other than that, I will just go with the flow and live each day as it is.

And damn it, I miss the part time boyfriend and v-neck tshirt guy.
And I miss Wendy Ng Wen Pey. ):

till then,