>Raya 2010!


To all my Muslim relatives and friends.,
Di hari dan bulan yang mulia ini, saya ingin mengambil kesemepatan ini untuk meminta maaf atas kesalahan yang saya telah melakukan kepada sesiapa dan juga gurauan saya yang membuat anda marah. 
translation: On this special day and month, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the wrong doings I have done to anyone and this includes the teasing and such which had make you angry. 

With that, 

The first day was nice, running back and fro from my house to grands’.
Random talks, super-a-lot teasing, birthdays celebration.
Food, and more food.
Catch up session, future plans with cousins.
Couldn’t ask for more. 

Meet my super cool fierce Grands! (:

Happy 71st Grands!
Happy 17th Boys! 
(and no, they are not twins but cousins. just a day or few hours apart)
(dad&mum’s side)
More at Facebook. 
till then, 

>Dear Mom


Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds.  Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, comrades and friends – but only one mother in the whole world.
– Kate Douglas Wiggin

I may not be the greatest daughter in the world but I am trying my best to be the best daughter you could ever have. We may not see things from the same eye level, always throwing our opposite opinions that convert the whole house into war zone. You may not be the most understanding person in the house but you always try your best to understand no matter what circumstances. Your nags have been the most constant thing ever since the day I committed my first mistake and I know it will never end, no matter how old you and I going to be. 

You never fail to wish me good day or tell me you love me very much everyday although I don’t do it to you the same way. But just because I don’t say or do much, doesn’t mean I don’t care. I’m sorry for always teasing that I am dad’s daughter and not yours because my name has dad’s name with it. It’s a joke that I know it hurts sometimes. No matter what, I am your daughter – biologically and genetically. Everyday, I thank God that you are still here with me and I am thankful for the things you have done. I love you Mom. Thanks for being you all these while. 

So Mom, 
Happy Mom’s Day (:
I love you!
To my grands and aunts too, thanks for the sharing the love!

till then,

>Awesome afternoon


was webcaming with my cousin, talking nonsense and stuff.

edited: part of the conversation (translated)
grands: I just farted loudy. did you hear?
grands: ohh. the computer won’t detect ah?

till then,

>a loss


Funerals are important rituals. They’re not only recognition that a person has died; they’re recognition that a person has lived.
(Love Happens, 2009)

Thanks all. I am doing just fine (:
Anyway, a living person has got to continue living right?

till then,



Hari Raya Aidiladha wasn’t as lively as I thought it would be. Nevertheless, I had my share of fun and tons of catching up with the younger cousins and my aunts. Food was goooooood. Granny made nasi lemak instead of bryani but I shouldn’t complain because there were tons of chicken to eat! 😀 Plus the fact that me and Ain were bored, we went to “explore” eunos area and get a tub of ice cream for the cousins to share.

Philyouth Saturday rehearsal had commerced and my weekends will be gone with music making till the end of 2009. Bummer, but I shouldn’t complaint. With 2 days less to mug and chiong assignments, I have to make use of the remaining days into good use. I shall go out less, and stay home more. Watch less tv shows and drama online, and read more and study more. And etc etc etc. But what I really need now is a whole lot of motivation and less of procrastination.

You Are Beautiful has finally come to an end! I am so so so so SAD ): No more Korean drama for now for me to look forward to! Sad ttm! I think, this will be one of the drama, I have to buy the dvd when it’s out! Omgosh, I am going insane! How how how?!

Yong Hwa and Hong Ki! They are good singers, good actors!
awwww.. I am going to miss seeing them ):

Anyway, I think I am going to die for Stats. Stats is something to die for – in good and bad ways. I am having negative aura about stats and I don’t like it at all. Py2106 report is coming along, but my words are way exceeding the requirement. Will do the final editing and submission tomorrow, I hope.

I should so a sum up of my term break tomorrow night or something. FINAH! I want more of Hong Ki and Seunghyun!


His smile is a total killer!
Seunghyun! (:
till then,

>Jump high!

>Sunday was well spent. Sleeping and slacking and the day ended off with food and cakes and few hours of energy spent with the little cousin. Entertained him throughout from wrestling with my Mr Big Pooh to racing car to watching/singing Barney sing-a-long to random singing at the keyboard with him being the star the evening.

Somehow, I feel that my weekend were little wasted because I did not touch any books at all. ): I am so dead. Midterm is coming and I haven’t really start to mug. I have no motivation drive, at all. I am so so dead. So guys, the next time you see me online or somewhere, REMIND ME TO STUDY OKAY.

I watched like 3 movies this weekend – Harry Potter, Casper and Click.
Watched Harry Potter with Wendy yesterday at GV.
Watched Casper on Miotv the minute I switched on the tv this morning.
Watched Click while having lunch with my cousin in the living room.

Reviews soon.

There’s school tomorrow. ):

till then,