>Birthday & Farewell


It was the third gathering of the year. This time around, me and Wendy decided to make the gathering at Seoul Garden just because we both wanted to dine in there. (: It was for us to gather again after months of disappearing and busy with our own respective lives and also for Darren’s 20th Birthday Celebration and Nicholass’ farewell for army.

First stop was Seoul Garden and I didn’t take any pictures there with my camera because I was busy eating. Darren’s camera should have some of the pictures there though. After which, we headed to Esplanade Roof top to lepak where we celebrated Darren’s birthday who actually spoiled the surprised we had for him and also where Nicholass showed us his Mat wannabe side. It’s hilarious, in a way. Some parted ways while the remaining randomly walk around Suntec and sat at the Fountain of Wealth and went to Carrefour and then headed back home.

6th October 2009 – the day Darren turns 20.
Happy Birthday (: Hope you enjoyed the mini celebration we had for you.
cheers to you & the friendship!

7th October – the arrival of his long awaited day
Bye la! See you when you book out or something.
In the meantime, take care! and don’t turn into a mat.

 I love Wendy much (:
4th Gathering discussion, soon?
More pictures are up on facebook!

That’s pretty much the 3rd gathering, some simple lunch turns lepak session. 4th gathering of the year will be in December around Nicholass’ birthday and I am running of idea of where to gather and such. Maybe we should go Gym or something instead of eating and eating.

I’m done with 3 events. 3 more to go!

till then,


>Sentosa: Underwater World (:

> Our outing to Sentosa, Underwater World (: Selected pictures shown here, more at Facebook!

Saturday was purely a fun day and I haven’t enjoyed myself much ever since school has started like one and a month ago. It was simply just me and Wendy affair and I love it much (: Sentosa was just awesome. Underwater World is even more awesome. It’s like reliving the childhood memories. The experience definitely brought the kid out of the both of us. We literally went to see every single fishes and non fishes species there and went wahhhhh or ohhhhhhh at the cute, ugly, small, big species. We took pictures at every spot we can and just indulge ourselves with the underwater beauty of the whole place. Dolphin Lagoon was even cooler. The show was just average but it’s dolphins! Pink dolphins! Totally loving it (: There’s a part where they have like audience participation and it was about love. They played this slow, smoothing love song and I actually felt like crying because it was so touching when the dolphin gave a kiss to the participant. Spent most of our time walking at the beach and the Merlion walk and end off the day spent with some glimpse of the Song of Sea including fire blasting and fireworks (:
A totally great day spent with a very good friend of mine (:
Hope to have more such outing again. It will be better if we can get the whole clique to come together which is currently much impossible. But it’s okay. It can always be a me and Wendy thing πŸ˜€
Now that Midterms are over and done with. It’s the assignment rush week. Dateline is coming and it’s like one day after another for each module taken this semester. Academic hell week according to Shu. On lighter note, I have roughly 3 weeks worth of study break before the exams which is horrible.
Exams timetable were out and it’s like exactly the first week of Hari Raya and it’s like one day after another. I have like 4 days worth of papers straight! 4 papers continiously. MADNESSSS!!
And semester 2 timetable is out which spells decision making on what modules to take. I have 3 modules in mind and I hope I am able to take 3 modules for semester 2. I want forensic psyh but it will totally clash with yo rehearsals. Speaking of which, I have to really think about this very seriously. Like really, really think about it which is a bit impossible on my side because I am sich a fickle minded person ):
By the way, I am actually in school now having Anthropology tutorial class. Am multi-tasking. blogging as well as watching some video being played in class. It’s about sex and marriages. Like omg. It’s pretty interesting actually. If you want to know, just prompt me a question online which I will probably tell you that I will give you a more details if I see you. HA.
I should get back and focus my attention in class.
till then,

>Mid Term Break


I am not looking forward for this week at all. I want to get this week done and over with.
Nono, make it for the next 2 months. I want to get the next 2 months done and over with. I’m looking forward for the 2 short weeks of holiday before new semester begins.

Crazy, I know.

Mid Term break = 1 week holiday = WASTED

BUT, I had been happy for that one week minus the unnecessary stress/pressure, whatever for mugging for the upcoming tests.

Happy because
1. Mid Term break started on Saturday where I had spent the Saturday with two groups of people I adores. Mugging with Nina and then Finah’s birthday surprise. I shall say, KBBG did it again (: End off the night or rather, Sunday morning, supper at Simpang with Nicholass and Darren. It’s been awhile since I last spent time with both and that Saturday was great.

2. Sunday was IBM 2009. It was great in a sense that I spent my Sunday with my awesome and kickass juniors. Enjoyed myself throughout. (:

3. A date at Seoul Garden with the lovely people. Greater bonding with the newly found friends in JCU. Okay, not really new. We had been coursemates, friends for a month now and I am truly happy to know the people I have been with – ShuXian, Ying Chee, Joyce, Wan Ching and the newly made and got closer friends Vina, Jia En, Xin Yi and etc. I love them all (: Thanks Vina for organising such a date πŸ˜€ Pictures at FB!

4. I can finally dashed out two cravings of mine: Putu Piring and Naan! πŸ˜€ Tuesday night Putu Piring with Khai, Zi, Nina and her brother and end the night with Macdonald’s ice cream. Thursday evening with the ladies at Little India for Naan and the heavenly Butter Chicken πŸ˜€

5.BN Gathers! or so, that’s what I called the gathering organised by Shay last Friday. Thanks babe! First time dining in at Amirah’s Grill and I was impressed by the place. The best part of it all, it’s the warmth and familliar faces that haven’t seen for a very long time. It pretty much made me realise that secondary school life rocks. People change, time made us change but underneath these changes, they are who we had known from the start. Next time, gathering bring yearbook okay Shay? It’s easier to recognise people that rahter than cracking our brain and asking who who who and then go ohhhhhhhh…

6. I ordered Mac and KFC delivery on two different days because I was lazy to walk to get the food. Don’t ask me why I am happy about this. I was just happy la okay. haha.

7. I watched Ice Age 3 with Min Yen Ahma like finally! After weeks since the release, she had been wanting to watch it. Supposedly to be with me and JiaRong but he wasn’t free. So instead, it was just Ahma and me (: JiaRong, if you are reading this, don’t sad ok! We three should have dinner soon before Ahma fly off on Aug 31st! SO TELL ME WHEN YOU ARE FREE TO HAVE DINNER OKAY!

8. Received an email stating that I am starting my volunteering services on Tuesday. Am excited but darnnn scared. Kids might be scary too.

So yeah, friends, outing(s), food makes me happy (:
So i guess,
Mid Term Break = Happy things = NOT WASTED!

Minus the term tests, assignments and exams. Next, I am looking forward for end of semester, start of holidays, Fasting Month, Hari Raya, 3rd gathering of the year with the bandclique and random gatherings with the usual loves, if there is. Looking forward for Thursday too – tutoring with the lovely kids and then syo because I get to see and gossip with Cleon! πŸ˜€

I can’t believe I am doing a volunteering service and it’s club activity that I had choose. The new experience, exciting but nervous. Heck, I will just go with the flow. Something challenging that I had never in my sane mind that I will do.

I’m going to sleep or study. I haven’t make up my mind. Will do so after this.

I love VINA πŸ˜€
My new found Westlife-lover partner!

till then,

>They going Armmmeee.


Hello Hello!

The Kesian Boys and Baking Girls met up last Sunday for a simple dinner at Simpang Bedok (where else can we go?) to bid farewell to the soon-to-be army boys – Guan Yong, Fairuz and Wayne.

It was like a gathering cum prize ceremony cum catching up cum eating good food that each one of us craves for. Of course, not forgetting the teasing, the laugter and the merepekness coming equally from the boys and the girls. Or rather, more from the boys. HAHA.

Meet the boys (from left to right) – Wayne, Guan Yong, Fairuz

And of course, we couldn’t leave without taking group pictures, can we? (:
I love this bunch of people!

And, with Ong being the first to book in among the three, everyone tries to get a personal picture with him. He macam like the celebrity that day. Even get the BIGGGGESST ice cream cone while the rest of us had the MINI one. Thanks to Nina and Syaa for the ice creams (:

And of course, the girls wanted a personal picture with the friendly merlion! HAHAHA.

It’s just a simple and nice gathering to have. And of course, our dearest Ong Guan Yong will be dearly miss by the KBBG. This people never fail to bring the laughter and smiles out of every gathering we have.
Okay Ong. Tomorrow’s the day! Have fun and we will see you VERY VERY SOON! And Ong, hair will GROW. So no worries about the hair ok? We all love you the same! πŸ˜€ Take care you!!!! We will be waiting!

Other than Ong, another good friend of mine is going in tomorrow too.

Mr Siah! I am NOT going to look at your botak picture till like on Saturday or something. Or not at all which is a bit impossible. I bet it will be some disturbing picture and I will like compare with the picture above where your hair was pretty long. ANYWAY, I am going to miss you and I bet you won’t, so shut up and don’t hurt my feelings. Take care and I shall see you some time later.

I received the best news ever, yesterday. Will elaborate it like other time or something.

till then,

>the bandclique

>And so, last Saturday, 30th May marks the 2nd gathering of the year with the clique. Rushed down to meet Wendy and Darren at Haig Rd and bought the remaining stuff that’s needed for the bbq. Took train, reached and that’s when all the drama started. We couldn’t find the place. It the BYOP. And the markings were covered with grass. Found the place and Darren stayed behind to take care of the things while me and Wendy walked to E!hub to get other stuff like table cloth and stuff like that for the BBQ. Hui Qi and Mega met us there and we went back.

It was probably the most economical bbq I ever had without a proper pit but with a self made pit. In order words, just a alumnium tray thingy with the grill on top. YUP. So Hui Qi and Darren started the fire and got the bbq going. Talked, chatted, joked, ate and ate, stone, talked, chatted, joked, ate and ate. Shi Chun and Nicholas came later. Meantime, went down to the beach and it was pretty dark and it was pretty cool. Talked to Hui Qi about stuff. Discovered and exchanged thoughts and advices. Screamed the hearts out to the open sea. Watched the planes flew in the dark sky. The feeling was just awesome.

Went back to the place and had a mini celebration of my belated birthday and Shi Chun’s advance birthday. Thanks Nicholas for buying the chocolate-ty cake (: Packed and stuff and Nicholas sent us back to Darren’s place. His car fitted us all and I was having the most comfortable area and no, I wasn’t sitting in front. (: Reached his place, took group photos. Bathe, watched Handsome Suit and slept. Went home in the morning and that’s it. And oh.. Had to cab home, because I was tired and the Winnie the Pooh they bought for me was big and heavy.

The people, the people. (:

We started with quite a number and somehow, this is what left of us.
There are some missing people, though.

The people who had officially graduated from Singapore Polytechnic.
Nicholas, Shi Chun, Darren
ME, Wendy, Hui Qi

Apart from the classmates, these are the few other people that made the 3 years in SP complete. SP band is another place where I had found the best of friends and friendship, that I hope could last as long as it possibly could.
A little shoutout:

I met Hui Qi who had unlimited sense of humour and the other side of her – the caring and the sensible. Although she stopped halfway in band, being in the same school beats all odds. We bumped into each other once awhile, talked online and random sms. And I guess that’s what keeps the friendship going. I love her, really much πŸ˜€
And then, there’s Wendy. We shared the same the enemy, we talked, we went out, we had the usual thing that girls do best – shopping. I don’t exactly remember how we got close, but I’m glad we did. She’s like a mother to me too (:
Mega is like the most blur person among us, and I guess it’s pretty much her. Urm, I don’t know what to else to say =X Just study hard, and graduate soon? 1 1/2 year more to go!
ShiChun can be known as the lamest guy in the whole with his superduper lame replies.
Of course, there’s Darren and Nicholas. The duos that will make you super irritated until you can die and then make you feel super guilty like as if it’s the worst thing you ever did but yet, they can lighten up your day.
Yet again, thank you aren’t enough to express my gratitude for these friendship that had been created. Thank you for the awesome memories, for the awesome friendship.
Everyone will be busy with the personal life – working, schooling, NS-ing.
Till we have the 3rd gathering of the year, somewhere in September. In the meantime, take care people (:
Cheers to the friendship!

till then,

>Graduation Ceremony 2009

> 28th May 2009 marks the Graduation Ceremony for the graduands of the School of Architecture and Built Environment which used to be known as The Built Environment School when we were still the students there. They just changed the school name, again. But whatever. So that very Thursday, I had officially graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with Diploma in Property Development and Facilities Management with the Building Safety Certificate. I won’t go on the details of the whole ceremony where we waited for one hour before it actually began. They entertained us with videos though. And, this may sound stupid, I get to sing the National Anthem in school after not singing for years! RAWR. And of all the lecturers in the whole school of ABE, Mr Singh just had to be the emcee la. Freaking funny please! And he didn’t mention the word realise like he always do. (:

The whole ceremony began with the guest speakers speech and then to the giving out of the scroll for the students and then to the prize presentation and then to the speech given by one of the graduands and THE END.

Then, the whole SP plaza area was flooded with the graduands running here and there finding their fellow friends for picture taking and of course, free food. And I obviously did the same. HAHAHA. Had over 100 of photos and these are the selected few to be blogged about. The rest of it, please kindly visit the facebook account. (:

The elders, mum and dad, came of course. We left the house as early as 7:10am just to have breakfast first before making our way to Dover.

DPFM 23/24 of academic year 06/07 and 07/08.
Two years of being classmates, two years of great memories, two years of great bondings, two years of happiness, sadness, frustration, laugther and joy.

The first two years of my life, evolves around them. There’s always a reason to look forward to school because of them. I had my fair share of memories in everything that the class had and done. Of course, I had found great friends like Darshni, Adilla and Yun where I had spent most of the time in the first two years of my life with. Of course, there’s Ubai where his nickname for whatshisname for a semester because we hated him but it’s all in the past, all of us are good friends now. There’s Nizam, the master of jokes together with Jarrod and Ronald and then, there’s Yiting and Kexin where three of us met way before we entered poly. Suhaina who is my cikgu and awesome Indon friend, Pravin and his gang, the 3 in 1 tea (Gouying, Xiujuan and Hui Yee), Jaisie and gang and everyone else that had made the stay in 23/24 a great and memorable place.

The first two years of Poly, was awesome with them (:

DPFM 01/02 of academic year 08/09. Quantity Surveyor Option.
New classmates, new year. Another year of fun, joy, laughter and frustration. A year filled with projects and the infamous Final Year Project.
We started out, shy and quiet for the first few weeks of schools. New classmates, new environment. We took time to know each other and eventually we did. And they became the usual heartbeats in my final year in SP. Frankly, a year is not enough to enjoy the new friendship that had been created because the next thing we know, we had already end our final paper and will be graduating soon. There’s Darshni, Ronald and Yiting, my tutorials group and Darsh and Ronald, the fyp mates and of course there were laugthers and noise that we had contributed to the class. There’s Chloe, Pei Shan, Lee Ping, Elsinta and the guys, Jun Chen, Xiang Yong, Richard, Charles and Chester – the awesome group of people who will never fail to make you smile, laugh and be happy all the day in class. There are others as well like Suhaina and Kexin, Amin and gang who made school for the final year, a memorable one.
The final year can never be ever better than this.
Some of the friends made throughout the whole 3 years in SP from DPFM whether they are from the same class or not, same option or not. (: In the picture includes Shikin, Aisha, Dionna, Pei Shan and my dearest cikgu, Suhaina!

My Secondary School Friend – Classmate, Bandmate
My Tertiary School Friend – Schoolmate, Bandmate
He’s going army on 5th June 2009 who had his graduation on the same day as mine and came an hour earlier because I told him I want to take a picture with him! Meet Mr Ong Guan Yong, the friendly merlion (: A great friend and buddy to have in both BN and SP!
Apart from the academic, there’s band too. That’s the place where I had found the best of friends. (: A separate entry for them another time.
From left to right:
HUI QI: She’s from ABE too, taking Diploma in Landscape Architecture. And she’s one of the best listener around from band. Although she stopped halfway, I am glad that our friendship still stays and am going stronger as time pass by. (: I love you, babe!
DARREN: I thought he won’t come but he did. hahhaa. Thanks for coming!
MEGA: She came over during the lunch break. Thanks for coming!
And that’s roughly the things that made my 3 years in Singapore Polytechnic a memorable one. Apart from the hectic school tutorials and projects and the frustration that came along with it, the classmates and the bandmates are there for you. Thank you, my dear friends, for creating this chapter with me. The memories and the friendship shall be cherish till the end of time (: All the best in future people!
I have closed this chapter and moving to a new chapter of my life. This is just a beginning where the possibilities are not yet known. I will begin the new step tomorrow and onwards and I had been warned that I will fall deep down if I am not careful. I’m up for it, are you??
And now, time to present the new member of my teddies family.
Meet Mr BIG Winnie the Pooh! (:
I shall call it Mr BIG because it’s really big and it’s almost reaching to half of my height. And I love it very very much. My mum went what the heckk.. but end up asking me to take picture of her with it. -_-“
Anyway, a big THANK YOU to Darren, Nicholas, Wendy, Hui Qi, Mega, Shi Chun and Jian Xiang for Mr Big πŸ˜€
A pretty long post, I think.
Will blog about the clique and the dinner with the loves, KBBG soooooon.
I am sorry it happened but I’m really thankful for everything. Thank you, really.
till then,

>I can count on you, no?


Because both of us were elated that we are almost done for the upcoming gathering for the clique and I so can’t wait for the gathering session #2 of year!

I am pretty much having a boring life with no work, no school and all I do almost everyday is sleep, online, facebook-ing, youtube-ing, sleep, slack. Therefore, the lack of updates in this humble blog of mine. Of course, if you have ljay, you beg to differ. I am also currently going through a phase of changes in my life and adapting to new surroundings, new situation, new people? I guess. I think I’m a little different, or rather, a little change since the beginning of 2009.

I need to get my white top for the upcoming graduation on Thursday. I am actually pretty lazy to go out and shop. I rather stay at home and slack and read the books I had borrowed from the library. OR just stone at the sofa bed while listening to some random music on random mode from the laptop. OR watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition all day long on youtube. OR surf random articles I can find on the wikipedia. OR go for a swim and then to SP band. OR just slack at home, in the room and stone.

Based on what I’m planning and what I had gathered, I should be starting a new life in June 2009 or end of the month, depending on how the whole plan is working. I haven’t been talking about this plan to any of my friends or the parents, just yet. Pretty much a whole decision purely made by myself based on the research I’ve gathered and I hope I can pull this through. Let’s just say one of the inspiration I get for this plan is SuperNanny (: Yeah, THE supernanny, that show.

I have no idea what else to blog about.
Going to watch more of extreme makeover home edition on youtube now.

By the way, add me on Skype, if you have one (:

till then,