>Concerts Spreeeees

> Says hello to Canon 450D (:

MST ended last Friday and oh boy, I totally felt free after the last paper. The papers aren’t as bad as I thought and it was manageable on my side. Alhamdullilah. Just a little worried for Estimation and Building Services though. Anyway, it’s over and no point thinking about it.

I made a mistake to the previous post. Dad’s 62 while mum’s 51 this year. My bad, made a mistake on their birth year.

Anyway, to all the Muslim in the world,

I totally got no inspiration to blog now, so I will end this post with Concerts Advertisement (:
Do support yeah?

OBOG LIVE, A Journey Begins
Yong Siew Toh Conservertory Hall
11 December 2008, 7:30pm
Tickets at $15
Featuring: Ghost Train, Cuban Overture
Singapore Poly Symphonic Band
32nd Musical Delights
Victoria Concert Hall
17th December 2008, 7:30pm
Tickets at $12 (stall)/ $15 (circle)

Featuring: James Barnes’ Third Symphony
Victoria Concert Hall
23rd December 2008, 7:30pm
Tickets at $12 (stall or circle; free seating)
Featuring band pieces such as Symphonic Overture, Blue Shades, etc
End of the advertisements.
Do attend and give your support (:
till then,



>Omgosh! It’s Tuesday today and it’s 1st of JULY!

6 months had passed already! HALF OF THE YEAR GONNNNEEE!
Wth. I can’t think of any productive things i ever did this other than eat and sleep and eat and sleep. Okay. That’s a lie. I do not eat and sleep 24hours, 7 days a week ok?

Let’s face it. 6 short months are gooneeeee!
What good things have you done? What bad things have you done?


Oh. Currently, i’m in school right now, having some IT Module which apparently didn’t start out well because 1, i was late and am pretty late like 30 mins kind of late which is not that bad compared to some of my classmates who are more than an hour late! yes, ONE HOUR late. And 2, Mr Chin is not in a very good mood which means i can’t make any unneccesary noise and comment, because of the stupid computer that isn’t working that well and that keep restarting and he and the class have to wait for it to reload. And i’m not suppose to blog now because Mr Chin just came back from his office where he went and take his laptop to continue teaching us.

I better get going before i get screwed or something.

and ya, should be having the post on Adilla’s birthday and pictures from Sunday about the 7 people squeezing in Hui Min’s car with BIG BULKY instrument. Btw, Hui Min’s car not that big can?


SNYO In Concert
8th July 2008, Tuesday
Esplanade Concert Hall
Tickets at $5 (including Sistic Charge)
Get your tickets are Sistic


SP Symphonic Band presents
I BELIEVE IN MUSIC CONCERT (i can’t remember the number)
27th July 2008, Sunday
Singapore Poly Convention Centre
Tickets at $6.
Get tickets from me (:

alright. I REALLY have to go now.

till then,

>Band Camp

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all my Muslim friends and readers (:

My two weeks holidays are here and today is the 4th of the holiday! Spent the first 3 days in school because of SP band camp. Preparation for the upcoming 31 Musical Delights concert! Overall, i’ve enjoyed the camp somehow despite it’s suppose to be intensive practice and such for the concert. Thanks to the late night laughters contributed by the section and such. ๐Ÿ˜€

Let me try to recall about the camp. HMMM.

Had lunch with Lenus and Darryl before reporting for camp. I can’t remember much but i know we walked from Clementi to school. It was a great walk and i enjoyed it. haha. Had combined with Mr Tan. Did the first half of the concert pieces. It was okay. Die Meistersinger needs more improvement!! I think i suck at that piece la. ): Had dinner and then sectionals. Then head down to Clementi for supper. Can’t remember much ah. Met Alvin and went back to school. Bathe and tried my very best to sleep but failed. Alvin was blasting his horn in the WEEEEE morning and Darryl cannot stop laughing and farting.

Woke up pretty early and such. Had Mac for breakfast! Had sectionals then and went to Commonwealth’s Long John Silver for lunch with the section. After which, went back and clean the horn area. Supposedly to have sectionals after that but somehow, all of us fall asleep!!! haha. Dinner and then combine with Mr Tan. Voting for the next committee 2008/2009 after combine. Had supper again at Clementi and such. Bathe and again, tried my best to sleep which obviously failed for the first few hours. This time, the horn guys stayed overnight. Having Hong Kai, Darryl and Alvin together to come up with such hilarious talk and concept and their gayish act, you will end up laughing

Last day was okay. I was one of the 3 nominated student conductor. So after breakfast and combined with Mr Tan was the audition thing. Fabian was first, Jia Rong was next and i was the last one. Did the piece, Tintin. It was nerve wrecking i’m telling you but was a great experience to have. haha. So after the audition thing, was given the MD tickets and stuff. Congrats to Fabian for being the new student conductor! Good job man! Jia Rong too! And congrats to all newly appointed committee members 2008/2009! ๐Ÿ˜€

Head back home after camp and did nothing much. Slept in the bus and actually miss a stop when i was in service 5! I think due to lacking of sleep la. Had alumni meeting and sutff. Nothing much after that.

And i didn’t get to take full horn section picture! ):

Pictures from the camp!
To view more, click #1

2nd day of camp!
Squeezing 4 people in the picture.

He’s one hell of a comedian who never fails to bring smile to people around him (:

She’s one of the tallest girl i’ve met in my life and she’s pretty much one of nice girls around (:

And both of them are pretty much the great juniors i have in sp band (:
Lenus and Darryl ๐Ÿ˜€

Fidah + Lenus + Doris + Priscillia
= the girls in the horn section

Alvin + Darryl + Darren + Desmond + Hong Kai
= the guys in the horn section
Long John Silver meals are love (:
This was the last night before the gaying starts. lol.
In the picture is Joseph, Darryl, Hong Kai and Alvin.
They pretty much hug each other to get the warmth because the room is cold.
In the process of getting sleep on Wednesday afternoon.
Some random shot of us.

haha. Syahir! Don’t kill me okay!
Blame yourself for not smiling nicely!
2nd night of camp was your birthday.
So Happy Birthday Mr Nice Hair! haha. ๐Ÿ˜€

And it was Mr Nicholas Yam Jun Wei’s birthday too.
Happy 18th Birthday!

Me with the tallest guy in the horn section and sp band so far. haha.
Ice cream is our favourite desert!
Darren and I love macdonald!
errr. yeah.
Proper picture of us (:

Us with one of the best senior ever!
Alvin has this cheeky smile ever.

random shot of my horn.
Nine french horns coming your way! ๐Ÿ˜€
i love the section!
don’t ask me how i took this. ๐Ÿ˜€
I love the clouds that greeted us in the morning. haha.

-end of pictures-
Singapore Polytechnic Symphonic Band
Musical Delights XXXI
6th January 2008, Sunday
Victoria Concert Hall.
$12 (stall) / $15 (circle)
Conducted by Mr Leonard Tan
Repertoire are:
Overture to Die Meistersinger von Nรผrnberg – by Richard Wagner
Ghost Train Mvt.1 – by Eric Whitacre
Willson Suite Mvt.3, “Hurricane” (ft. soloist Kelvin Tan) – by Robert W. Smith
The Inn of Sixth Happiness – by Malcolm Arnold
Flourish for Wind Band – by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Orient Express – by Philip Sparke
Tintin – by Dirk Brossรฉ / arr: Johan de Meij
Galaxy Express 999 – by Masanori Taruya

Contact me for tickets!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

That’s a pretty much an update. (:
I’m missing Best Friend.
Where are you?!
I want to meet up with Bestie soon because i miss her tons!
Call me up woman!
Going to the bank tomorrow, meet up with Darsh and Alwyn and head down for band practice.

till then,
and then, i miss you.
and the feeling is all weird again.

>because food is IMPORTANT.

I know i’m suppose to blog about food and stuff but apparently, i’m having a hard time to edit the photo Darsh had sent. Hopefully, she can take another photo and i will edit and stuff.

if you are interested to order Home Made cookies at a very low price, please email Darshni at ur_busted24@hotmail.com . For more enquries on the types of cookies available, you can contact her via email. (:

I went to school today for only TWO hours because 8 am lesson was cancelled. Had MBW(S) lecture and it was oh so boring but then again, i think i can handle it. I THINK. So hohohahahuhu, tomorrow there’s going to be a tutorial on today’s lecture and i must remember to bring calculator as well as know how to do it. Mean girth! DANG! How to find ah? And before the clock even strikes 12noon, lesson ended. I’m supposed to meet Susu at like 1pm but i predicted i will be going to be way earlier, which apparently yeah, i was earlier than her.

Saw Kor at the station and we took the train together ๐Ÿ˜€ He was going to airport while i was going to Tampines. huhu. He look exhausted and sleepy, eh he’s always sleepy. But he’s rarely in an exhaustion state, so yeah. Talked for awhile and stuff. YAY! I got to see Kor and have a decent conversation after some very long time ๐Ÿ˜€ haha.

So i met Susu and went to get the sandals that i wanted. Then head to my house after that. Crapped with her on the bus and stuff. Reached home and she used my laptop and i vaccumed my room. Clear more stuff and once i’m done, i fall alseep on my sofa in my room. I lost the sense of time till like 5pm? I can’t remember what time i fall asleep because i was reading. Anyway, i woke up and Susu suggested to develop the photos at PP and break fast there. And so we did.

Developed the photos, ate at Banquet and walked around after that. Had Latte Frappe from Maccafe and can’t remember much. Talked about family and stuff. Went popular and ya. That’s all uh. HAHA. Went home after that. Re arrange the photos and put them in the album. And that’s it. Went online and randomly talk to random people.

Mum’s going to buy me a new camera by end of this year! ๐Ÿ˜€

till then,

to call or not to call?
it’s either you or me decides.