Hello space.

A really quick update.

I missed typing word after word, building up a paragraph after a paragraph. I missed that moment when I can just sit down at the comfort zone with a cup of coffee in my hand and gathering my thoughts, forming them into words and sentences and just let it burst through the fingertips typing it all out.


To sum up my life since the last update, BUSY.

It’s a pretty bad excuse to not update this space of mine but all I want to do every single day is to just catch up the hours of sleep that I had missed or to just snuggle under my blankets (yes, even though Singapore’s weather screams HOT AND HUMID). I am just that tired and I swear I have a lot of things in my mind to just let out.

But being this busy is good. It’s the healthy kind of busy. I enjoy my work and I think as of now, there’s nothing more than this, more than where I want to be. These past months had been eventful. So many things that had happened, so many feelings and emotions got invested, so many wonderful, painful, beautiful memories created. I have no idea where to start, really. One thing for sure, this kind of busy is my kind of busy. It’s something that I had adapted to back in the diploma days where I had 6 days of intensive band rehearsals (and sectionals) every week  on top of the regular school hours and where Mondays were my only off days which I have school to attend to you. It’s the kind of busy I had missed, a kind of busy where I know I was being productive and wasting no time at all.

Then again, being this busy makes you lose few things or so. I haven’t been going out to enjoy myself for ages. I have overdue meet ups with friends that were sealed with words and promises but I just had no time to make time to meet and chill because I had been busy in other parts of my life (i.e. work and language classes) and keep postponing just because … I was busy. Heck, I haven’t had any me time for myself. There last me time I had was back in summer in Seoul, where I was wondering around in circles, exploring, having a cup of good damn coffee and slices of tiramisu and a couple of donuts.

And here I am now, typing this out because I finally got the time and motivation to log in and update this space of mine. I am on leave, and all that I have been doing since the start of my leave is sleep. Yes, sleep. I only go out when my friends ask me out. Other than that, I am at home, in the comfort of my room, sleeping, resting, nua-ing. I know I know. I am wasting like chunks and chunks of time but I guess I had reached my peak of exhaustion that the minute I was on leave, my whole body shuts down to just recuperate – physically, mentally, emotionally.

Anyway, pictures highlighting the events that had occurred the past months.


A very good friend of mine got married back in September! (: So happy for her! It was two days worth of celebration and had enjoyed every moment of it. Wishes the best in her marriage and last forever babe! ^^ One down, 6 more to go.


I finally went to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) courtesy of my work. I know, loser. HAHAHA. I am just the kind of person who wouldn’t pay to go in such places because I don’t play rides. I know, loser again. HAHAHA. I AM TERRIFIED OF RIDES. LIKE WOAHHHHHHHH. Actually, I will go ah. Just that I will have a hard time parting away from the money spent ……


One thing strike out of the bucket list! I WENT TO THE DAMN GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!!!! HAHAHA. Sorry the sudden burst. Been wanting to go since the day I know of its existence and the day I went, I was like woahh, I am really here!  Didn’t went up all the way because of the time constraint but I would love to go again to finish climbing. Was told that we have about 1 – 2 more fortress before the end. RAWRR, that will be on my bucket list – to climb all the way to the top of the great wall of China!

A pretty dorky kind of post but there are so many things I want to update so that I can read it over and over again in future with the stupid goofy smile on my face. That being said, I think I have reach the limit of my words capacity and the time to blog.

till then,


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