> Week 3 of school is coming to an end and so far, school has been nothing but full of laughters and craps from the classmates. Tuesday, without any discussion of what so ever, the fyp mates coincidentally wore red tops to school. And yes, today is Ronnie’s birthday. So Happy 21st birthday ronnie!

So far, I haven’t been updating the blog as much as i want to because mostly things that i want to blog about are far too personal and pretty much on the emotional side. Some already know the downfall that I am facing, and I’m pretty much in a state where I can just fall down any moment now. But holding on to the faith I am having, I’m pretty much strong in a way that I can handle things at the moment.

Yesterday was great. Met up with the boys after school for random meet up session and had dinner. It was really nice to meet up with them. It’s been awhile I suppose. Somewhat discussed the trip after graduation. And most probably the destination will be KL, Malaysia. But i’m still researching on Langkawi and other places. I really really want to get out of Singapore. Maybe a little short get away before I graduate will be nice. Maybe just to the beach and lie down on the sand or something to clear this mind of mine.

And somehow, I really wish I can go overseas to study. Really. But, those who know, knows.

Take care, I will back with bubbly post soon.

till then,


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